Holstein Cows Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

The other name of Holstein cattle are Friesian cattle. This is an ancient breed and their ancestors were appeared over 2000 years ago. The dairy qualities of this breed are excellent. Holstein cows are mainly known for the milk production. The origin of this breed is northern Germany and Netherland. The two breeds are crossbred excessively and the current cattle breed is usually ¼ or ¾ Holstein. This cow breed is on high demand because of the milk production. It is of great benefit for the farmers keeping these cows. These cows have longer lifespan as compare to other cattle breeds.

Hosltein Cow Advantages

There are various advantages of this breed. This breed can survive in different extreme climatic conditions. The sudden climatic change is not a problem for them and these are suitable for this kind of environment. These cows live longer than other cow breeds. The calving rate is also fast and the rate of maturity is also considerable. The male calves produce beef which is beneficial for the market and farmers. Holstein cows are very good at lactation and the protein content is high in their meat. These cows can produce up to 26,000 liters of milk throughout their life.

Holstein Cows Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Holstein Cow Disadvantages

Advantages are mentioned in the above section but there are some disadvantages too. The main disadvantage of this cow breed is low butterfat content in its milk. These cows can produce milk about 26000 liters throughout their life. The total no. of lactation of this breed is 2 to 3 in lifetime. These cattle produce a huge amount of milk but the butterfat content is very low so it is not much beneficial. The cows are strong but the bulls are aggressive as well as strong. Proper precautionary measures should be taken while visiting these cattle.

Holstein Cattle Facts

Holstein cattle have ancient ancestors and are a well-known breed because of milk production. These
cows are naturally horned and farmers have to do some effort to dehorn them. The color of these cattle available are black and white or red and white. The red color Holstein cattle are rare now days. The coat color is usually white and the colored patches are present on the whole body. The average weight of this Holstein cow is about 580 kg at maturity. The weight of a calf at the time of birth is about 45 kg.

Holstein Cattle Price

Holstein cattle are on high demand because of their milk production. The price of these cows can vary according to location, age, weight and availability of these cows. The average price of 100 Holstein cows is recorded as 27,493 dollars and the average rate per kg was 12.88 dollars. In Jersey, the average price of 100 Holstein cows recorded was 23,830 dollars and the rate per kg was 15.07 dollars. According to this research, the price of these cattle is not too much high. The market value of their milk is high which an additional benefit is.

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