Oberhasli Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Oberhasli goat is also known as Oberhasli Brienzer or Swiss Alpine. This goat breed is mainly known for the milk production. This breed got developed in the Switzerland's mountains. Oberhasli is a domestic breed found on mountains. Oberhasli is the district of central Switzerland, so this breed was named after this district. These goats were first imported to United States. The ancestry of this breed is not confirmed. As the blood lines lost. Oberhasli is not a pure breed. America has accepted an individual oberhasli goat breed as a dairy goat. The miniature oberhasli goat is also called mini oberhasli.

Oberhasli Goat Images

Oberhasli Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Oberhasli Goat Milk Production

Oberhasli goat is well known for their dairy production. These goats are suitable for dairy business. Every time, when oberhasli goat give birth to a kid, she produces milk for up to 2000 liters per lactation. People who keep this breed can do a great business out of their milk. These goats can be raised as pets. From breeding point of view, these goats produce kids every year and lactate for months. Lactating does are of great benefit for the businessman. A goat's milk is quite expensive as compare to Buffalo milk.

Oberhasli Goat Weight

Oberhasli goat is medium sized goat. The average weight of buck is about 68 kg and the average weight of does is about 54 kg. But the weight may vary when a does is expecting. The weight is not constant as a pregnant does with twins gains more weight.

Oberhasli Goat Size

Oberhasli goat breed has medium sized goats. There may be some miniature goats too which are commonly known as mini oberhasli goats. The size of breed also depends on the size of parents involved in breeding. Medium sized goats are easy to keep as a pet.

Oberhasli Goat Characteristics

Oberhasli goats are active and medium in size. Their vigorous appearance makes them attractive. The primary color of oberhasli goats is chamois. Chamois is basically the color shade in between light to deep red bay. Some goats may be black in color. Bucks are not black in color. There is some white fur around the ear. Black markings are defined on their body. Black colored stripes are present above the eye and down the face. The forehead is almost all black in color. Black colored stripes originate from the lower side of ear and extends to back bone ending up at tail bone. Their belly is black in color.

Oberhasli Goat Breed

Oberhasli goat breed is the Switzerland's breed which was first found in the mountains. The district named oberhasli is found in Switzerland, and these goats are named after this district. People usually keep this breed for their commercial business purpose. These goats are well known for their milk production. The looks of this breed are not much attractive but their characteristics are awesome. The does produce kids every year and the lactation period continues for months. This is the plus point of these goats from business point of view.

Oberhasli Goat PriceĀ 

Oberhasli goats are mainly found in Switzerland and their price is usually high because of their high demand. The average price range of oberhasli kids is 300 dollars to 1000 dollars. This breed is becoming low in numbers. The prices also varies according to blood lines.

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