Copyright Policy

Our operational and editorial team made enormous efforts in information gathering, data research, fact analysis, composition and presentation of quality contents online. We believe all these intellectual efforts by the fellow members deserve to be respected and protected.

However, it has brought to our knowledge that some blogs are in an unfortunate practice of copying, duplicating and producing our articles as their own, without providing any credit or reference.

We caution that it is not only unethical but unlawful under Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA), which bound all blogging platforms and web hosts to bring down the post/page/website under Chilling Effect Agreement. It can further lead the post/page/website entry to be removed from search engines listings in result of petition filed under DMCA Regulations.

In the past, we have taken strict notice against the parties involved and compelled them to remove the article that infringes our copyrights. Therefore, we are avidly monitoring the internet for the infringement of our contents.

We also requested our respected readers to please report any encroachment of these website’s articles, to reduce our monitoring overheads and to focus all our energy only to serve them quality information.

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