Blue Swedish Duckling Male vs Female

The Blue Swedish duck is well known by the name Swedish. These ducks are unique and one of the favorites duck of the people. These ducks grow in specific places like farms and backyards. These Blue Swedish ducks are very attractive. They get mature when they reach the age of 16 weeks. These Blue Swedish ducks live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 8 years to 12 years. The care of these ducks plays an important role in their lifespan. Their lifespan also depends on their living environment. They have blue feathers on their body, but they have white feathers on their neck, and these are called the bibs of the ducks. These ducks are medium in size. They feel comfortable in large places.

    Blue Swedish Duckling Male vs. Female Difference

    They have different names for their males and females. The male ducks are known as drakes. The name juvenile duck is used for the female ducks. These Blue Swedish ducks are also more aggressive than the other ducks. They have the ability to eat food and water. These ducks are a good choice for the keepers. They are also very friendly. They require hard maintenance.

    The male Blue Swedish Ducks are large as compared to the females. The male ducks are also heavier than the female. The weight of a male duck may range from 5.5 pounds to 6.5 pounds. But the female's weight may range from 4.5 pounds to 5 pounds. The color of a male's body is also different compared to the female.

    Blue Swedish Duck Male vs Female

    The male Blue Swedish duck has a greenish-blue bill, but the bill of females is available in the bluish slate color. The heads of both ducks are dark blue. They also have dark brown eyes. They have white feathers on their breast. If you are a busy person, these ducks are not for you. Because of your busy routine, you cannot take care of them, and they do not want to live alone. When they live alone, they become sad, and ultimately, they may have some health issues. 

    Blue Swedish Duck Characteristics

    The female Blue Swedish duck can easily lay 120 eggs to 180 eggs in one year. These ducks are found in cold areas because they are adapted to cold climate. They can also swim easily in the swimming pool and cold water. Coldwater is safe for these ducks. These ducks can not fly. These ducks are not very expensive. If you want to buy these ducks, you do not have to look at your budget. Their price may range from 5 dollars to 12 dollars.

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