Santa Gertrudis Cattle Pros and Cons, Origin, Facts, Price

Santa gertrudis cattle are found in tropical areas of southern Texas on the King Ranch. This cattle breed is a famous breed and recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture. This cattle breed was first found in 1940. This is known as the first beef breed found in United States. The two parent breeds involved in breeding are Brahman bulls and Beef Shorthorn cows. The final offspring have the ratio of 3/8 Brahman bull and 5/8 Shorthorn cow. These Santa gertrudis cattle have very good milking properties as well as beef production along with good mothering properties.

    Santa Gertrudis Cattle Origin

    Santa gertrudis cattle are found in the tropical regions. Their body is well adapted to the tropical areas of Texas, USA. This breed was first bred by the Captain Richard King. Santa gertrudis cattle are named after the place where these were first bred. The efforts to produce a rugged breed were first made in 1910. King Ranch intentionally bred shorthorn and Hereford cattlewith Brahman bull. After a few trials of cross breeding, the perfect combination was achieved and that combo was named as Santa gertrudis cattle. This breed is also recognized at international level.

    Santa Gertrudis Cattle Pros and Cons, Origin, Facts, Price

    Santa Gertrudis Cattle Facts

    The color of this breed is cherry red and often has white colored markings on their body. Their coat is very smooth, silky and shiny. The characteristics of these cattle mostly resemble with the characteristics of Bos indicus. The skin is loose and there are skin folds in the neck and navel. Male Santa gertrudis cattle have hump on their body. The ears are of medium size. These cattle are either horned or polled. These cattle have very less fat on their body but still these are resistant to the extreme external environments.

    Santa Gertrudis Cattle Pros

    The Santa gertrudis cows have long and productive lives. These cows become sexually mature at the age of 12 and then they start mating with their partner. When these cows become fully mature, they start calving. The calving process is un-problematic and this relieves the stress of farmers during labor. Santa gertrudis cattle have very good mothering properties and these cattle take very good care of their calves. These cattle remain healthy and their thick skin protects them from external environment and parasitic attacks. These cattle have active sweat glands to keep them cool.

    Santa Gertrudis Cattle Cons

    Santa gertrudis cattle have a lot of benefits and very few disadvantages. There are very few problems reported regarding this breed. Santa gertrudis cattle are known to be the calf stealers. This breed is the fastest growing breed and is calving on a large scale. But these calves try to kill their own calves or other cows of their own breed. Santa gertrudis cattle feel really protected regarding their first calving. These cattle are very good to keep for a commercial purpose but strong vigilance is required to make them calm.

    Santa Gertrudis Cattle Price

    Santa gertrudis cattle are commonly available in the tropical areas and have a lot of benefits. The average price range calculated is 1000 dollars to 3000 dollars. The Santa gertrudis cows are mostly available at the price of 1200 dollars whereas bulls are available at the price of 2500 dollars.

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