Simmental Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Simmental cattle are dual purpose cattle breed. This is an ancient breed which was first originated from Switzerland. The oldest breed all over the world. As this is a dual purpose breed, so the demand of this breed is higher as compared to other breeds. In Germany, the strains of simmental cattle breed are present. The name of this strain is "Fleckvieh" breed. Fleckvieh means spotted cattle. Another strain of this breed is found in France and the name of this strain is Pie Rouge. The characteristics of simmental cattle and its strains resemble a lot because of same ancestry.

Simmental Cattle Pros

These cattle are very well suited to the weather of irish lands. The survival rate is very well to the Alpine weather conditions. These cattle do not have the capacity to face extreme cold weather. The physical characteristics of simmental breed is praised by the farmers. These cattle are easy to handle. The life span of simmental cattle breed is longer than other cattle breeds. This advantage reduces the cost of replacement. The fertility period of this cattle breed is longer and is very beneficial to increase the no. Of calves. There are short intervals between calving.

Simmental Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Simmental Cattle Cons

Simmental cattle breed is the beneficial breed but there is a disadvantage too. These cattle are very aggressive. Only a trained farmer can handle the anger of simmental cattle. The bulls are more aggressive as compared to the cows. But this is counted as an advantage too. Because bulls are already very conscious about the safety of their cows and calves so farmers do not have to pay complete attention to their safety and protection. An out-sider or a visitor needs to read complete precautions before visiting these cattle. A trained farmer is necessary for these cattle.

Simmental Cattle Facts

Simmental cattle are usually available in different shades like gold and white or red and white. The face color is changed than other body. Usually the color of face is white. The average weight of simmental cow is about 900 kg while the average weight of simmental bull is about 1300 kg. Their weight makes them a large framed and heavy looking muscled animal. These cattle may have horns or polls. This is totally depends on the genetic breeding history. Simmental cattle have pigmented area around eyes which is beneficial in sunny conditions.

Simmental Cattle Price

Simmental cattle are the expensive cattle breed. These cattle have variety in colors and appearance. So the prices also vary. The horned and polled simmental cattle have different prices, even the area and location effects the prices. Bulls are comparatively more expensive than cows. Since 1985, the highest price in which a simmental bull cattle sold was 150,000 dollars. The uniqueness of that bull was its purity and polled. The strains of this breed has different prices as well. The average price range is not defined because multiple factors are affecting the price of simmental cattle breed.

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