Angus Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Angus cattle are popular breed found in Ireland. This is one of the top three cattle breeds found in Ireland. The other name of these cattle is Aberdeen Angus. Angus cattle are named after the region these were originated i.e. Angus and Aberdeen shire. These cattle are also nicknamed as “astonishingly”, “doddies” and “hummlies”. From historical records of this breed, their ancestors can be reached easily. Their ancestors were owned in 180’s by a man named Hugh Watson. Angus cattle have a lot of strains and each strain has different characteristics. Angus cattle also have some disadvantages. 

Angus Cattle Pros

Angus cattle have a very strong reputation in regard of their beneficial beef. Angus beef is used majorly in the preparation of burgers. People in restaurants specially tag the burgers with “100% Angus beef” to make it special. In market, Angus beef is on high demand. Customers demand Angus beef burger because of their tasty and healthy beef. This is overall beneficial for both farmers and restaurants. These cattle live longer than other breeds. Angus cattle are well adapted to the environment of Ireland. The climate changes are severe but Angus cattle can easily survive in these kinds of weather changes. 

Angus Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Angus Cattle Cons

Angus cattle have lots of advantages but also have some disadvantages like these cattle are aggressive by nature. The aggressive nature of these cattle can be harmful for people. These cattle have heavy weight which cannot be handled by a man alone. An expert is required to control the anger of these cattle. People should take precautionary measures while handling these cattle. When a lay man visits Angus cattle, they should be guarded or protected by the invigilator. This is the only listed disadvantage of this breed. But there is a long list of its advantages. 

Angus Cattle Facts

Angus cattle are very good in fertility. These cattle can produce calves at a very good rate. The available colors in this breed are red and black. These cattle are polled naturally. This reduces the effort of a farmer for dehorning the cattle. The average weight of Angus cow is about 550 kg and the average weight of an Angus bull is about 850 kg. Bulls are usually heavier than the cows. The weight of these cattle mostly consists of muscles and these are known as large sized breed which is the main benefit of this breed. 

Angus Cattle Price

Angus cattle have very high demand. People at restaurant use their beef to prepare their burgers and 
other stuff. Overall the beef of Angus have a lot of benefits in its meat. there is an average weight set for the Angus cattle, like an Angus weighing 389 kg will be sold at 1500 dollars. The price range of Angus cattle is calculated as 1810 dollars to 2320 dollars. Angus cattle are mostly sold at the average price of 2083 dollars. The prices may vary according to the area, location and availability of this breed. 

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