Hereford Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Hereford breed is one of the old cattle breeds, recognized almost 200 years ago. This cattle breed can be found on Irish lands. There are multiple Irish farms in Ireland where these cattle are present abundantly. As the name indicates, these cattle are originated from Herefordshire. It is believed that this cattle breed is the descendant of Roman Briton’s small red cattle. These cattle have a lot of strains but the original strain i.e. Traditional Hereford is considered a minority breed of genetic importance. The genes of this breed are important and can be preserved for the future.

Hereford Cattle Advantages

Hereford cattle are usually available in red and white color with specifically white colored head. This distinction of head from the overall body leads to better identification and this is considered a benefit. These cattle have longer life span. These have excellent mothering abilities. These cattle get mature at very early stage of life and calving rate is high as compared to normal breeds. The temperament of these breeds is calm and pleasant. The management of these cattle is easy. The milking process is also easy. The beef production of these cattle is also very good.

Hereford Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Hereford Cattle Disadvantages

There are a lot of advantages of Hereford cattle breed but there are also some disadvantages of this breed. These cattle cannot bear extreme environments. The sudden climatic change is not suitable for them. Calving process of Hereford cattle is easy but there are chances of vaginal prolapse. Vaginal prolapse can cause serious problems in cows. There are few genetic problems in Hereford cattle breed. These cattle may commonly develop eye cancer. These cattle can easily get sunburn because the pale udders of this breed remain exposed to the environment and lead to sun damage.

Hereford Cattle Facts

Hereford cattle are commonly available in red and white color. The head is usually white in color distinctive of other body color. These cattle are naturally polled and farmers do not have to dehorn them. These cattle are excellent mothers and can protect their calves without any help. Hereford cattle cows are overly protective regarding their calves. The average weight of Hereford bull is about 1200 kg while the average weight of Hereford cow is about 800 kg. Bulls are usually heavier than the cows. The meat content is also high in bulls.

Hereford Cattle Price

Hereford cattle breed have a lot of advantages and the most common advantage is its long life span and good calving ability. These cattle become mature in the early stage of life and then live for a longer life span. These cattle also have very good libido. The prices of these cattle can vary according to weight of cattle, age of cattle, location and availability of cattle. The average price is set per kg of these cattle i.e. a 550 pound calf can be sold at an average price of 150 dollars per cwt. The defined range is 135 dollars to 165 dollars.

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