Red heeler jack russell mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Red heeler jack Russel mix is a crossbreed between an Australian cattle dog (Red heeler) and a Jack Russel terrier. These mixed canines are very cool creatures. These dogs are working dogs. They are highly energetic and like to play outside. These dogs need a proper time for their exercise daily. Almost 60 to 90 minutes of exercise is required to stay fit. Their coat is short, and the available colours are blue, tan, white, and brown. There may be some sporadic markings on the body of these designer dogs. They are unpredictable, like the other designer hybrid dog breeds. 

    Red heeler jack Russell mix Temperament

    Like the traits of these red heeler jack Russel mix, temperament is also a mix of both parent breeds. Both parents are loyal and intelligent. So their mix is also hyperactive and intelligent. They are very easy to train because of their intelligence. They learn things very quickly. Overall they are curious about things. Every time they are into finding new things. They are friendly and independent. Sometimes they are stubborn and aggressive like Jack Russel Terriers. These dogs are lively and playful. If you need a pet for your kids, these playful dogs are perfect. They are outgoing and also courageous dogs. 

    Red heeler jack russell mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price
    Red heeler jack Russell mix Size

    The size of a designer dog varies within the breed. It is dependent on genetics. The red heeler jack Russel mixe, also known as Cattlejack are small to medium in size. They have a gorgeous outlook. The weight and height of parent breeds matter a lot. The average weight of a red heeler jack Russel mix is in the range of 25 pounds to 40 pounds. Considering their height, they are 14 inches to 20 inches tall from the shoulder. Their size is perfect for carrying along for a picnic or a trip. They can also be taken out for a walk every morning. 

    Red heeler jack Russell mix Adoption

    Adoption is a noble yet sensitive act. You need to survey adopting your pet. If you are an outgoing person, these pets are a perfect match, and If you need a partner for your kids, you can count on them. At least visit your pet for once before adoption. These pets are a perfect fit for your companionship. You can adopt them from rescue centers, shelter homes, and adoption websites. A breeder can be contacted in private for your pet. They can breed your favorite pet on demand. Always check the health status of your puppy before adopting it. 

    Red heeler jack Russell mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of parents matters a lot in calculating the average lifespan of a designer dog. The average lifespan of a red heeler dog is from 13 to 15 years whereas the average lifespan of a Jack Russell terrier is from 12 to 16 years. Their mix can live for up to 16 years. If proper food and exercise are provided to these cute and gorgeous pets, they can live a healthy life. They may get some genetic health problems inherited from their parent breeds. The best way to avoid such health problems and diseases, keep your pet fed with nutritious food and give him space to exercise. 

    Red heeler jack Russell mix Price

    The average price of a red heeler jack Russel is somewhere between 800 dollars to 1200 dollars. They are available both at high and cheap prices. The adoption spot, from where you are adopting a pet, affects the price. If you contact a breeder, they may charge a price of their desire, but if you contact a rescue center, you can find them at a low price. These dogs require grooming as well but not regularly. So you can spend money on their purchase because the grooming of these companions does not require much expense.

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