Shorthorn Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Shorthorn cattle are the British breed which is found in Ireland. This breed is well established in Ireland. In 1700, this breed was first found in north- east of England. There is a genetic diversity in this breed. The main two strains of this breed are Dairy shorthorn and slightly bigger beef shorthorn. There is a minor difference in the strains of Shorthorn cattle. These are dual purpose breed and can survive in all the climates. The process of calving is easy and no assistance is required. These cattle have high libidos and are aggressive by nature.

Shorthorn Cattle Advantages

Shorthorn cattle have a lot of advantages. The main advantages of these cattle are milk production and beef production. Shorthorn cattle are well suited to all climates. These cattle can live longer than other breeds. So farmers have an advantage of no replacement cost. These cattle can produce up to 15 lactations throughout their life. These cattle are easy to milk and the calving process is easy. These cattle are aggressive but have strong libido. The disease resistance is common in these cattle. These cattle can gain weight even at low feed and this is an advantage for farmers. Farmers do not have to spend much money to feed them.

Shorthorn Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Shorthorn Cattle Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of this breed is the genetic diseases. These cattle are beneficial but there may be chances of some genetic diseases. Commonly reported genetic diseases are Tibial Hemimelia (TH). In this disease, shorthorn cattle have some deformities in their legs, skulls, joints and abdomens. This disease is fatal and can lead to death. The cows with this defect are unable to suckle. Another disease named “Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca (PHA)” is also found in some strains of shorthorn cattle. Underdeveloped lungs can also lead to this disease.

Shorthorn Cattle Facts

Shorthorn cattle are usually available in red, white or roan color. The breeders breed a specific breed color with another breed to obtain pure white color. The structure of their legs and feet is very appealing and good but there are some problems found in them. The average weight of shorthorn bulls is about 990 kg and average weight of shorthorn cows is about 800 kg. These are medium sized cattle. These cattle are naturally polled and farmers do not have to make effort to dehorn them. These cattle can produce 8000 kg of milk per lactation.

Shorthorn Cattle Price

These cattle have a lot of benefits and some disadvantages too. These cattle are beneficial for farmers to do a business. The price of shorthorn bulls is reached up to the height of 15000 gns to average 4676 starlings. This price falls down up to the 1127 starlings at the end of this year. The clearance rate at the end of the year was 58 percent. The price may vary according to the demand, location, weight and age of shorthorn cattle. The shorthorn cows are usually on high demand as compare to shorthorn bulls.

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