Pygora Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Pygora goat is a combination of two popular goat breeds. The parent breeds involved are Pygmy goat and white colored Angora goat. Both of the parent goat breeds are registered. The origin of these goats is United States. These goats are well known for their fiber production. Pygora goat was purposely bred. There was a women named Katherine Jorgensen who bred two popular breeds to develop a small sized goat for the fine fiber production. She needs fiber for hand spinning. There is total three types of fleece which pygora goat produce. Pygora goat got registered since 1987.

Pygora Goat Images

Pygora Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Pygora Goat Milk Production

Pygora goat are mainly known for fiber production and people make fleece and fine fiber from their wool. But these goats can also be used for the dairy production. Almost one liter milk is produced by these goats per day. Pygora goats are also adopted and raised as pets because of their friendly nature. These goats are alert and active. They have curiosity in their nature. These goats like to play and are very easy to handle. Pygora goats are very useful for the production of fiber. Sometimes this breed is further bred with other breeds to produce more fine fiber.

Pygora Goat Weight

The pygora goat is medium sized goat and there is a slight difference in the weight of bucks and does. The average weight range of bucks is 34 to 43 kg, whereas the average weight range of does is 29 to 34 kg.

Pygora Goat Size

Pygora goat is also called miniature goat. These are smaller than Angora goat. The average height of a buck is up to 23 inches but there is a small difference in the height of does. The average height of does is up to 18 inches.

Pygora Goat Characteristics

Pygora goat are medium sized playful goats. These are active and alert.  Their personality has curiosity. The common colors available in these goats are brown, black, white, grey or the mixture of these colors. Pygora has more similarities with the parent breed Angora. But pygora is smaller than Angora goat breed. Pygora goat have the spunk of Pygmy goats whereas have the docile nature of Angora goats. When we talk about breeding, pygora goat produce three fleece kids i.e. mohair like fleece, cashmere like fleece or the combination of these two mentioned fleeces. There is a complete classification of these fleeces produced.

Pygora Goat Breed

Pygora goat was first originated in United States. A women named Katherine intentionally bred two main breeds to produce pygora goat. Her main purpose of breeding was to obtain a small sized goat with more fine fleece. Pygora goat is further bred with either of the parent breed to produce a true pygora or pygora goat bred with some other breeds to produce more fine fiber. Almost three kids are produced by pygora i.e. cashmere like fleece, mohair like fleece or the combination of these two. Cashmere like fleece is categorized as type C whereas mohair like fleece is categorized as type A and the combo is categorized as type B.

Pygora Goat Price

As pygora goats have United States origin, so the price of this breed is in dollars. The average pygora goat price is 30 dollars. The most demanded fleece type is type B because their fleece is more fine and sheen. The prices may vary according to the location and fleece category.

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