Mulefoot Pig Temperament, Weight, Growth rate, Size, Price

Mulefoot pig is a domestic pig breed. It is rare nowadays. The purpose they serve is lean meat. They are named as Mulefoot because they have uncloven, intact hooves like a mule. This happens rarely as a single gene mutation to produce mule footed pigs. It is considered that they originated from the Gulf Coast in Spain but the exact origin is still unknown. They are of greater use in agricultural lands. Aristotle wrote about these pigs in his books; it means they are an old breed. It is believed that mulefoot pigs share similar ancestors to the Choctaw pigs.

Mulefoot Pig Temperament

Mulefoot pigs are docile by temperament. They like to listen to their master and act accordingly. They are gentle in behavior. They do not cause any trouble to anyone. They have very good mothering abilities. They are also very good foragers. They can forage for food all day. They can do it perfectly. They have good health. But unlike other pigs, they are not immunized against hog cholera. This may cause a problem in them. They are active and respond actively to the farmers and pig keepers. They never disobey any order given by their master.

Mulefoot Pig Temperament, Weight, Growth rate, Size, Price

Mulefoot Pig Weight

Mulefoot pigs are medium-sized animals. They may weigh around 400 to 600 pounds (which is approximately 180 to 270 kg) when grown to an adult. There is a slight difference in the genders. The male mule footers weigh heavier than the female mule footers. The average weight of a female mulefoot pig is around 450 pounds (which is approximately 200 kg) and the average weight of a male mulefoot pig is around 550 pounds (which is approximately 250 kg). Weight is a variable factor and the above-mentioned values are ideal. The female mulefoot pigs have excellent mothering abilities and have litters of about 5 to 6 piglets.

Mulefoot Pig Growth Rate

The growth rate differs for different kinds of pig breeds. The mulefoot pigs are known to be slow-growing pigs. They are heritage pigs and like other heritage pigs, they may take double the time to develop themselves. On average, a pig can gain weight around 1.7 pounds per day but mulefoot pigs do not follow this growth rate. They may grow slowly but no other pig breed can beat the taste of their lean meat. Usually, a pig may gain weight 60 to 250 pounds in the starting five and a half months but mulefoot pigs do not grow this fast.

Mulefoot Pig Size

Mulefoot pigs are medium-sized and may weigh up to 400 to 600 pounds at adolescence. They are of greater use in agricultural fields. On average they grow up to 3 to 3.5 feet in height. Their length maybe 4.5 to 5 feet. They have a solid black color with pricked ears.

Mulefoot Pig Price

Mulefoot pigs are slow-growing animals but their price is double the other ordinary fast-growing pigs. Usually, a single pig is sold at 300 dollars. When they are purchased in pairs, the price reduces to 275 dollars each. Likewise, the price reduced to 250 dollars each if 3 pigs are purchased collectively.

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