Cane Corso Boxer Mix Temperament, Lifespan, Size, Adoption

Cane Corso boxer mix is known as Cane corxer. It is a hybrid dog. When Italiano cane Corso is bred with a boxer, can corxer is produced. It is a new hybrid dog, and only a few pieces of information are available. The parent breeds are of different origins. The boxer is from Germany, and Cane Corso is from Italy. Both the parent breeds were bred for hunting, guarding, and working. So their mix is also used for the following purposes. These dogs are used in different police and military operations. No proper grooming and maintenance are essential. They are tall and big.

    Cane Corso Boxer Mix Temperament

    The temperament of the cane Corso boxer mix is like its parent breeds. They are playful and like to go outside. They are socializing dogs. They are quiet and do not make much noise. They are friendly, courageous, social, and outgoing. They are highly energetic, alert, and intelligent as well. They are independent dogs and like to do things according to their will. They like to be dominant in the pack. They are gentle and stable dogs. Their bond with the family is outstanding. Like their parent breeds, they are also the protectors of the family. Their senses are very strong.

    Cane Corso Boxer Mix Lifespan

    Cane Corso boxer mix or cane corxer are hybrid dogs. The lifespan of hybrid dogs is usually around ten years. These dogs came to maturity within the first year of their life, and then they started reproduction. They become adults within the first year of their age. The average lifespan of the cane Corso boxer mix is 10 to 12 years. This lifespan is not too long nor too short. After completing their lifespan, these dogs may die a natural death. These dogs serve as military or police dogs throughout their life. They spend their whole life protecting others.

    Cane Corso Boxer Mix Size

    The cane Corso boxer mix is a large-sized animal. The parent breeds of the cane corxer mix are also large. The average height of a cane corxer is 23 to 28 inches, and the average weight is about 65 to 110 lbs. There is no difference in the size of male and female cane corxer. They are of the same height and same weight. They are easy to handle with their size. Because they are very active and intelligent, Cane Corso boxer mix follows the instructions, but they like to be dominant in the pack of dogs.

    Cane Corso Boxer Mix Adoption

    The average price of the cane Corso boxer mix is in the range of $700 to $2500. To adopt a cane corxer, start contacting the breeders. There are multiple online sites where breeders are selling healthy and happy puppies. Finding the best breeder is a difficult task. Good breeders are not much into the advertisement. So it becomes hard to find them. A good breeder does not breed dogs until the dogs are 2 to 3 years old. They are bred only once within 2 to 3 years. These can also be found from rescue centers and shelter homes. They are good family dogs.

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