Teacup Pomeranian Pros and Cons

A teacup pomeranian looks like a teddy bear. It is fluffy and loyal. For decades, it has been a favorite dog breed of Americans. Teacup pomeranian breed came into being after the intentional breeding of toy-sized pups. After a toy-sized pup, the demand for teacup Pomeranians increased. Its size is highly appealing. It is equal to the size of the palm of a hand. It is the smallest version of the pomeranian mix. There are some health concerns regarding specific breeding to achieve teacup pomeranian. Still, they are becoming popular because of their unique characteristics and size. Their traits have made them demanding in the market.

    Teacup Pomeranian Pros

    Multiple benefits are associated with the teacup pomeranian dog breed. Some of the main benefits include;

    • You can get a complete personality in a small dog. The ancestors of the Pomeranians weighed up to 30 pounds, so the characteristics of large-sized can be found in them. They never let a human get bored. Their personality was tenacious, spirited, bold, and stubborn.
    • They have a lot of positive energy in them. They actively utilize their energy into positive acts. They are fun-loving.
    • Too much maintenance is not required because of their tiny size. They can be handled easily. Their energy level boosts up in phases.
    • If a teacup pomeranian is adopted in the initial phase of their life, they can be trained easily. People can train them not to bark too much.
    • These dogs are more into loving people. They like to spend time with human adults.
    • They have sharp senses and can easily sense your frustration, anxiety, and stress. They try their best to change your mood.
    • They are very affectionate.
    • They can easily be adjusted in small houses. Their tiny size does not demand a grand place to live in. They also have minimal food expenses.

    Teacup Pomeranian Pros and Cons

    Teacup Pomeranian Cons

    Teacup Pomeranians have disadvantages, along with advantages. Their disadvantages are mostly related to health. Some of the common cons of Teacup pomeranian are;

    • They are vocal dogs. Despite their small size, they bark like a large-sized animal or beast. They bark too much. Even when they are happy, they bark. Their voices can annoy the neighbors. If the neighbors can’t take it anymore, they will step to your main home door and complain. They don’t have any time to bark. They can bark at 3 a.m for food or fun.
    • Their size is too small to be left alone. They can’t be alone outside because the world is full of predators. Any predator can snatch them without hesitation.
    • Their barking habit can make anyone alert. So it becomes easy to get them. They are only suitable to live inside the home.
    • They are moody and punctual. When they are in a good mood, they like everyone’s attention, but when they are not in a mood, they just go on and sit aside.
    • These pups require a home of their own to live according to their mood.
    • Despite their small size, they act like an alpha dog. They like being bossy. Their dominant nature creates problems sometimes.

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