F1 Cockapoo Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

F1 cockapoo is the first generation of cockapoo dog breeds. It is a hybrid breed that can be obtained by crossing two different purebred dogs. The parent breeds involved in cross-breeding are Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. Within the first generation of cockapoo dogs, you may find varieties in coat and looks. These dogs are perfect companions to be kept for life. Their small to medium size is adorable. There are different generations of cockapoo following the first one. All these generations vary in size and temperament. F1 cockapoo as a pet is the most demanded generation of cockapoo in the market.

    F1 cockapoo Temperament

    F1 cockapoo is an intelligent dog. These dogs are the best companion. These dogs are very friendly and happiest among other dog breeds. They like to go outside and discover new things. They like to make new friends. They can go out with anyone. They like to cuddle, and because of their intelligence, they remain active mostly. They get genes of intelligence from Poodles, and their sweetness is from Cocker Spaniel. These dogs need to socialize at the early stage of life. Socialization is necessary to grow your puppy into an all-rounder pet. These dogs are highly obedient and patient pets. 

    F1 Cockapoo Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

    F1 cockapoo Size

    F1 cockapoos are available in four different sizes. The smallest size of the cockapoo is a teacup cockapoo. These dogs are 6 pounds by weight, and their height is up to 10 inches. The toy cockapoo is slightly bigger than the teacup cockapoo. Their size reaches up to 10 inches in height and 12 pounds by weight. Miniature cockapoo is 13 to 18 pounds by weight, and their height ranges between 11 to 14 inches from the shoulder. The medium-sized, maxi or standard cockapoo weigh more than 19 pounds, and their height may reach up to 15 inches from the shoulder. These size ranges are not guaranteed. 

    F1 cockapoo Lifespan

    The lifespan of an f1 cockapoo is more than 13 years. These dogs are hybrid and may live longer than the purebred parent breeds. These dogs are lovely companions to be kept. There may be some genetic diseases transferred to these pets. So, proper diet, exercise, and care can let them live a healthy life. They serve as a good and happy companion throughout their life. Some factors like accidents, diseases, and diet may affect their lifespan. Overall these dogs are worth keeping as pets. Their small size is the most convenient to keep with kids at home.

    F1 cockapoo Adoption

    Some things should be remembered while adopting these dogs, like their ancestry and temperament. F1 cockapoo is the most demanded dog among other generations of this breed. You have to do as much research as you can before adopting these dogs. If you are sure about cockapoos, you should go for them. You can buy them from rescue centers, online websites, and shelter homes at cheaper rates. Pet shops are not recommended for them because of insufficient data on parent breeds. The most recommended adoption spot is rescue centers. Always do some research about generations and choose the best-suited one.

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