Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

The miniature pinscher chihuahua mix is also called Chipin dog. It is obtained by cross-breeding two purebred animal breeds, i.e., Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher. They are the size of a miniature but also possess the traits of a Chihuahua. These dogs may have some genetic health problems. These dogs were bred to obtain a companion dog. When a charming chihuahua is crossbred with fun and fearless miniature pinscher, they produce lovely miniature-sized attractive dogs. Their history is not clear, but an estimation shows their existence from the last two decades. The traits of these dogs are unpredictable.

    Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Temperament

    The temperament of a miniature pinscher chihuahua mix is a combination of both the parent breeds. Their temperament may vary from dog to dog within the breed. Overall they are energetic, entertaining, sassy, intelligent, loyal, and independent. These mixed dogs like to be the center of attention of the whole universe. They are a bit aggressive, as well. Their behavior may completely change if they are not socialized properly. They are also very good watchdogs. They like to be around people all the time. These dogs cannot be left alone; otherwise, they will get bored, and anxiety can take control over them.

    Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Size

    The size of a mixed dog breed is dependent on the size of its parent breeds. As their name shows, they are miniature in size. The average weight of a miniature pinscher chihuahua mix is in the range of 5 pounds to 11 pounds. Taking a look at their height, they are almost 7 to 12 inches from the shoulder. Their body is covered in a short and smooth coat. There are different colors available in their coat, including tan and black colors. Other than tan and black, they are also available in golden black, cream, and chocolate color. 

    Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Adoption

    The adoption of a miniature pinscher chihuahua mix is not a problem anymore. You can contact a well-known breeder for adoption. Rescue centers are not an adoption point for these dogs. Make sure you adopt your desired puppy with a good health condition. If you have young children in your family, then these dogs are not a good choice for you. If you accidentally fall on them, they can get injured because they are very sensitive. They run after anything they find moving around them. If you adopt these puppies for your young kids, then keep an eye on them while playing. 

    Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Lifespan

    Both parent breeds, i.e., miniatures pinscher and chihuahua mix, have a lifespan of up to 16 years. Their mixed dog breed may also live up to 16 years or sometimes even more. The lifespan is an important point to be considered while adopting. Most people adopt these dogs right after birth to spend a maximum of years with them. Their health is the main concern as well. Their parents may inherit some diseases that may shorten their lifespan. Other factors that affect lifespan include accidents, obesity, and anxiety. If they are left alone, anxiety may readily come over them. 

    Miniature pinscher chihuahua mix Price

    Like size, price is also a variable factor that may differ from dog to dog. The size, age, health, and location affect the overall price of these dogs. The average price of a miniature pinscher chihuahua mix is in the range of 150 dollars to 600 dollars. They are not very expensive. Sometimes breeders may ask for a heavy price; that’s why you should study these dogs properly before adoption. They have short hair coats that do not require too much grooming. So, you do not have to spend extra money on their grooming. Their inappropriate health may increase the overall expense. 

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