Chesapeake Bay Retriever Poodle mix (ChesaPoo) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan

Chesa poo is a designer dog that is obtained by combining two very strong hunting dogs. The parent breeds of a Chesa poo are Poodle and Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs. Chesa poo is one of the great family dogs that like to chase squirrels and other small animals around. They are very affectionate and like to spend their time with kids. Their friendliness with kids is remarkable. They are large. Chesa poo has a double curly coat on its body like Poodles. In the form of Chesa poo, the gentle nature of Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the playful nature of a Poodle are combined.

    ChesaPoo Temperament

    The temperament of these dogs is also a mix of their parent breeds. They are the very loyal best family dogs ever. Their loyalty is like both of their parent breeds. Their friendliness with kids is amazing. They are also very friendly with strangers and other animal breeds. You can consider them one of the most effective watchdogs. They may behave stubbornly like Retrievers, so a connection of pack pecking order needs to be established to make them obedient. They keep humans as their priority ever and like to hang out with them. Leaving them alone for a longer period may cause trouble. 

    Chesapeake Bay Retriever Poodle mix  (ChesaPoo) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan

    ChesaPoo Size

    The size of a Chesa poo is large. The size of a female Chesa poo slightly differs from the size of a male Chesa poo. Talking about males, they stand 22 inches to 29 inches in height from the shoulder. Their average weight falls within the range of 50 pounds to 80 pounds. In the case of female Chesa poo dogs, they are measured 19 inches to 24 inches in height from the shoulder. Their average weight is in the range of 40 pounds to 60 pounds. The female Chesa poos are smaller and lighter in weight than male Chesa poos.

    ChesaPoo Adoption

    The adoption of a Chesa poo for a family is one of the best options. They are perfect family dogs. Their friendliness with kids, strangers, and other animal pets is remarkable. These beautiful dogs are not easy to keep in the sense of grooming. They have a thick curly double coat on their body that requires grooming every six months. So, you have to keep it in mind before making a move for adoption. You can find them anywhere near your location. You can survey pet shops, rescue centers, shelter homes, online websites, or a reputable breeder for an adoption.

    ChesaPoo Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Chesa poo is from 13 years to 15 years. These are quite healthy dogs. Designer dogs are bred on purpose to achieve an overall healthy dog and skip a maximum of health issues. Do a survey to check what diseases your designer dog may inherit. Before adoption, check their health status as well. A Chesa poo may inherit some entropion, retinal dysplasia, and joint problems from a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and digestive issues from a Poodle. Take them regularly to a vet to keep them healthy. Some factors including accidents, health problems, diet, and exercise may majorly affect their lifespan.

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