Bulloxer (Boxer American Bulldog mix) Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

Bulloxer is a mixed breed that is obtained by breeding a Bulldog and a Boxer dog breed. These dogs are sweet like their parent breeds. A unique fact about these dogs is their changing temperament. Their temperament may change with the continuation of the year. With time, they become calm and loyal dogs. They are very good family pets. They are not only good with kids but they also have good compatibility with other pets. They have a large muscular body that resembles their parent breeds. They live healthy life but some genetic health conditions may shorten their lifespan. 

    Bulloxer Temperament

    The temperament of a Bulloxer is the mix of both parent breeds. These dogs are sweet and loyal to their owners. They have a friendly temperament. They like to play with kids and other pets in the house. They are energetic and always want to engage in activities. They enjoy the company of an active owner. They are intelligent dogs just like their owners. They are always eager to please their owner. They are not aggressive at all but may become stubborn sometimes. So, training is required to make them obedient and calm. They are very good guard dogs and can protect their owners from strangers.

    Bulloxer (Boxer American Bulldog mix) Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

    Bulloxer Size

    Bulloxer is a mixed breed, so its size is dependent on the size of its parent breeds. These dogs are medium-sized dogs. The average height of a male Bulloxer is slightly bigger than the size of a female Bulloxer. The average weight of a Bulloxer is in the range of 70 pounds to 90 pounds. When a male dog is measured from the shoulder, he stands 22 inches to 27 inches in height whereas a female Bulloxer stands 22 inches to 24 inches tall. These medium-sized dogs can be taken out for a walk and in other places as well.

    Bulloxer Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Bulloxer is from 10 years to 15 years. This is a suitable lifespan for a medium-sized dog. They are healthy canines but may adapt to some health problems later in life. To avoid these problems, they should be taken to a vet regularly. Proper diet and exercise contribute to their lifespan. If they are treated well in terms of exercise and diet, their life expectancy may extend. If they are not treated for their health issues, they may get ill and eventually die before completing their lifespan. Accidents and mishaps may also reduce their lifespan. 

    Bulloxer Adoption

    The adoption of a Bulloxer is recommended for those who are active and interested in sports. These canines are sports-loving and always eager to get involved in physical activities. These dogs are good with kids and other pets so, if you have kids in the house, these dogs are a perfect fit for you. You can adopt them from a rescue organization and shelter home. Instead of buying them from a reputable breeder or from a pet shop, it is always appreciated to adopt a pet. Adoption is less expensive as compared to purchasing a pet. Always make sure you are adopting a healthy pet. 

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