Ocicat Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

The Ocicat Maine Coon mix breed is obtained by cross-breeding an Ocicat and a Maine coon. Both parent breeds are originated from the United States. These cats share 50 percent traits from each parent breed. They may either be more like Ocicat or Maine coon. These cats are bred intentionally to obtain the best traits from each parent breed. The Ocicat Maine coon mix cats are medium to large in size. These cats require mild to moderate maintenance. Their lifespan is exceptionally long. Their adoption requires no extra effort because they are easily available. These cats are very good companions.

    Ocicat Maine Coon Mix Personality

    The Ocicat Maine coon mix are social cats who like to wander around and explore things. Their loving and caring personality attracts everyone. These cats are playful and friendly. They always like to spend time with their people. They are very good companions for children and other pets in the house. If you need entertainment, these cats are good choice. These cats are intelligent and require no extra effort during training. They pick up things real quick. These cats are good-natured animals that have characteristics resembling dogs. These cats are vocal and could disturb the peace of the neighborhood. These mixed cats are not lapping cats. 

    Ocicat Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Ocicat Maine Coon Mix Size

    The Ocicat Maine coon mix cats are medium to large in size. These cats resemble either of their parent breeds or a mix of both. On average these cats weigh from 8 pounds to 20 pounds. When they are measured from the shoulder they stand from 25 cm to 41 cm. Their average body length is up to 97 cm. It is concluded that the female mix cats weigh a bit lighter than the male mix cats. These companion cats are easy to carry around for walk and shopping. You can take them to social parties as well. 

    Ocicat Maine Coon Mix Lifespan

    The Ocicat Maine coon mix cats live an extraordinary longer lifespan. These hybrid cats live from 9 years to 17 years. They are overall healthier than their parent breeds. If they are provided with a quality diet and exercise their life expectancy could reach up to 20 years. To avoid genetic and adoptive health problems, they need a regular check-up from a reputable vet. They should be properly groomed to spend a healthy life. Keep an eye on them to avoid accidents and mishaps that could shorten their life. 

    Ocicat Maine Coon Mix Price 

    The Ocicat Maine coon mix cats are not very much expensive. On average these cats are available within a range of 75 dollars to 150 dollars from a rescue center. This price range is affordable for everyone. If you contact a reputable breeder these cats may cost around 500 dollars to 1200 dollars. Adult cats are cheaper than kittens. On average, the kittens may cost from 1200 dollars to 2000 dollars. If money is not a problem you should buy a kitten and groom it according to your lifestyle and desires. If it is a problem, then purchase an adult cat from a rescue station. 

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