Rouen Duck Male vs Female

The Rouen is the most popular and worldwide popular duck. These ducks are the largest breed as compared to the other domestic ducks. These Rouen ducks are available in many colors, including black, grey, and dark brown. These ducks are mostly found in the areas of the United States. They originated from France, and their breed is majorly available in England. These ducks belong to the Aves class (the class of birds).

    Rouen Duck Male vs. Female Difference 

    The female Rouen ducks are very energetic as compared to the males. The heads of male ducks are available in green color, whereas, the females' webbed feet are available in yellow or orange color. A white-colored ring is present around the neck of a male Rouen duck, whereas a female duck does not have it. Another main difference is in the color of their beak. A male duck's beak is greenish or yellow, whereas the female duck has an orange color beak. 

    Their plumage differs as well. The male Rouen duck has a purplish-brown downside with a greenish back, and its overall body is grey. The female Rouen ducks have black patterns with golden brown body color. When we look at their appearance, their tails differ a bit. The tail feathers of a female duck are all straight in texture, whereas the tail feathers of a male duck are a bit curly from the middle. The tails grow curly after 2 months of age in males.

    Rouen Duck Male vs Female

    Rouen Duck Characteristics

    When the female ducks reach the age of 25 weeks to 30 weeks, they get mature and start laying eggs. These female ducks lay 35 eggs to 125 eggs in one year. On average, they lay 5 to 10 eggs per day. The females are mostly available in brown color. Their crown is also brown.

    The color of females is dark as compared to males. The male Rouen ducks are grey, and their tail is black. They have white collars and green heads. The male ducks have deep claret breasts. The Rouen ducks have a fast growth rate. If you want to measure their weight, they may vary from 5 kg to 10 kg. These ducks are heavier than the other large ducks. Both males and females have the same weight and size. These ducks are considered medium-sized. Their length may range from 50 cm to 65 cm. This size range is the same for both male and female ducks.

    They like to swim in freshwater. They want more space to swim efficiently. Their diet makes them healthy, fit and secures them from critical disease. They love to eat vegetables and grains which are safe and suitable for them. Their care and diet play an important role in their life. These Rouen ducks live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may range from 8 yeast to 12 years.

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