Aylesbury Duck Male vs Female

The Aylesbury ducks are well-known by the name White English Duck. These ducks are famous for their good meat and eggs. These ducks are active, loving, and caring. These Aylesbury ducks belong to the class Aves. The Aylesbury ducks are a domestic breed. A good population of these ducks can be seen in North America. These Aylesbury ducks are also introduced all over the United States. They like to enjoy their own company and feel comfortable in the pool water. Pure water is suitable for their swimming. They like to swim one time a day. The Aylesbury ducks like to have enough space to thrive.

    Aylesbury Duck Temperament

    The ducks have good adaptability characteristic. They tend to survive in both cold and warm climates easily. It would be best if you keep them in the backyard. The backyard is comfortable for them. They are friendly. These Aylesbury ducks make excellent companions and create a strong bond with their owners. When they spend more time with their owner, they become happy and feel at ease. They do not want to live alone. If you leave them alone for a long time, they become sad and anxious. They love to play with their friends, owners, and kids. The Aylesbury ducks live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 5 years to 10 years. If you provide them with good and special care, they can easily live longer than their standard lifespan. Their care and diet play an important role in their life.

    Aylesbury Duck Male vs Female

    Aylesbury Duck Male vs. Female

    The male and female live the same lifespan. The Aylesbury male and female are different in size. The male Aylesbury ducks are large compared to the female. The male and female can easily grow to their maximum size per year. After one year, they become mature. The male size may range from 5 pounds to 10 pounds. The male duck stops growing at 10 pounds while female grows to 6 - 7 pounds.

    After the molting, the male has 2 to 3 curved hairs on its tail. But the female has some hair on her body. The outer coats in both males and females have the same color, i.e., white. Both males and females can not fly because they are heavier in weight. Both males and females are not available in other common colors. Their common color is white. The sound of the male duck is much husky compared to the female. 

    The male has a curved feather tail, but the female has a straight feather tail. The Aylesbury male and female ducks are not more expensive than the other ducks. You can easily buy them. These ducks are available at local markets, commercial areas, and poultry farms. If you buy these ducks from a poultry farm, they are reasonably priced. You can easily take them home and keep them in the backyard. These ducks are suitable for busy people. They require moderate maintenance.

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