Karakul Sheep Origin, Wool type, Uses, Meat Quality

The Karakul sheep is a domestic and oldest sheep breed. The Karakul sheep are known by their name all over the Asian countries and in Tajikistan. These Karakul sheep are found in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan as well. The belonging class of these sheep is the Mammalia class. The Karakul sheep can survive in the deserts under extreme climatic conditions. These sheep live a longer lifespan as compared to the other sheep. Their life expectancy may vary from 20 years to 22 years. Their sizes depend on their genders because they have different sizes. 

    Karakul Sheep Origin

    The Karakul sheep originate from Central Asia. This breed is produced in the Kara Kul village. That is why the name of these sheep is Karakul. The Kara Kul village is near the Bokhara region. This region is between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. These Karakul sheep were introduced in the 19 century from 1909 to 1936. The population of these sheep is also growing in North America. The population of these Karakul sheep may vary from 1 million to 2 million. But in Afghanistan, the population of these sheep may range from 7 million to 8 million.

    Karakul Sheep Origin, Wool type, Uses, Meat Quality

    Karakul Sheep Wool Type

    The coat of these sheep is thick, shiny, and curled black. These Karakul sheep are available in different colors and their wool is commonly available in these colors; black, brown, white, and creamy. The wool of these Karakul sheep is too warm. That is why they can survive in cold climates. They have a heavy tail that is full of wool and curly hair. They have a soft inner coat. They have long hair on their coats which is very helpful for us. Their hair length may range from 6 inches to 10 inches. 

    Karakul Sheep Uses

    We can create a lot of items from these sheep. The use of their wool is very authentic and helpful. We can make clothes, carpets, and blankets from the wool of these Karakul sheep. The wool of these sheep is of excellent quality. The blankets and winter clothes made with their wool are too warm and provide safety from the winter diseases. The jerseys and coats are also made with their wool. We can also use these sheep for food. We can eat their meat. The meat of these Karakul sheep is delicious and nutritious for adults and kids.  

    Karakul Sheep Meat Quality

    The meat quality of these Karakul sheep is very excellent. Their meat is full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. People who eat their meat twice a month are considered much stronger than the other people. They will suffer from a disease if you do not take good care. The meat of these sheep is delicious. The taste and aroma of their meat are liked by the adults as well as kids. Their meat is sold at a low price in Asian countries. But if you want to buy their meat from other countries, its prices may be high.

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