Muscovy Duck Male vs Female

Muscovy ducks are domestic and wild breeds. These Muscovy ducks are the largest breed all over the world. These ducks originated from South America. They can easily live in cold climates. The Muscovy ducks live in the wetlands, lakes, and streams. The domestic Muscovy ducks live in different countries and places. These ducks are friendly, loving, and playful. The Muscovy ducks like to live with friends and other groups of different geese. These ducks make excellent companions with the other ducks. They like to spend more time in the water. They are happy when they swim in the water and play with their friends. The Muscovy ducks belong to the Aves class like the other ducks. Their average population is available in zoos all over the world. The domestic Muscovy ducks have less population in the wild areas. They also live in tropical areas. 

    Muscovy Duck Characteristics

    The male Muscovy ducks and the females live a normal lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 7 years to 8 years. The domestic Muscovy ducks live a longer lifespan than the others. Their life expectancy may range from 10 years to 20 years. The male and female Muscovy ducks live together when their ducklings are born. The female Muscovy ducks lay 8 to 16 eggs. Their incubation starts from May to August and stays for 35 days. Both genders take care of their ducklings for 60 to 70 days.

    Muscovy Duck Male vs Female

    Muscovy Duck Male vs. Female 

    The male and female Muscovy ducks are different from each other. They are different in size and also in coloration. The female Muscovy ducks have buff coloration with black speckles all over their bodies, but the male has dark coloration around their eyes. The male and female Muscovy ducks are also different in size. The male is larger than the female. The body structure of female Muscovy ducks is small. They both have large necks like the other goose. Their faces are available in red color. Sizes of both male and female ducks may vary from 27 - 33 inches. The male and female Muscovy ducks have long wings. That is why they can fly and swim easily. 

    They may vary from 54 to 60 inches if you measure their wing size. Both the genders are friendly and active. The male Muscovy ducks are not as expensive as the female Muscovy ducks. If you want to buy only female Muscovy ducks, it would be best if you look at your budget. You can easily buy these ducks from the cold area's local markets. The female price may vary from 14 to 16 dollars compared to the male. The male price may vary from 4 dollars to  6 dollars. If you buy these ducks, you should also check their diet and health daily and take them in the other groups of the ducks because these ducks do not want to live alone.

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