West African Dwarf Sheep Characteristics, Weight, Milk Production, Uses

The West African dwarf is a sheep breed. As the name indicates, these sheep are commonly found in West Africa. Most people know this breed by its common names: West African Maned, Southern Savannah-type, Pagan, Nigerian Dwarf, and many others. These are the dwarf sheep breed which means they are small in size. These sheep belong to the southwest to central Africa. Nowadays, the breed of these sheep has extended, and they are available in many countries and areas like Senegal to Chand, Gabon, and Cameroon. 


    These West African dwarf sheep differ from the other sheep and goats by appearance. These sheep are available in a combination of different colors. Their front half body is available in black, and their back half body is white. The ewes have short horns compared to the rams. The West African dwarf rams have wide and curved shaped horns. They have strong and short legs which are of different colors. These sheep have long and slender necks, which is different from the other sheep. Their chest is deep, with long tails and thick short hair. The West African dwarf sheep have long bodies.


    West African Dwarf Sheep Characteristics, Weight, Milk Production, Uses


    These West African dwarf sheep are small to medium in size. Both sexes have the same height and size. Both sexes are different in their weight. The West African dwarf rams are heavy compared to the ewes. On average, the weight of the ram may range from 30 kg to 37 kg. On the other hand, the ewe’s weight may vary from 20 kg to 25 kg. When their lambs are born, they also vary in weight. The diet plays an important role in making them grow to their maximum weight. 

    Milk Production

    These sheep are good at milk production. Some people develop this breed for milk production. Their milk is very helpful for humans, and makes us healthy and fit. It has a delicious taste. Their milk is utilized in making a lot of dairy products. It is also rich in vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. It rarely causes any allergies to humans which is its biggest edge over other milk varieties. It is considered safe for kids because of its hypoallergenic property. Their milk is easily available in markets. 


    We can use these West African dwarf sheep for many purposes. These sheep are unique and different from the other sheep and goats. We can use these sheep for meat, milk, and wool production. Their meat is high in calories and fats. Their milk is used for the production of dairy products. A lot of wool items are made from these sheeps and utilized in extreme cold weather. These West African dwarf sheep’s meat, dairy products and wool products are easily available in both local and commercial markets.

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