English Setter Poodle Mix Characteristics, Size, Temperament, Lifespan

Setters are a popular hunting dog breed. They were probably a hybrid breed created by breeding several hunting dogs, such as pointers and spaniels. In the 19th century, it is believed that two men named Edward Laverack and R.L. Purcell Llewellin of Wales were responsible for the breeding of the current English Setter. The Poodle originated in Germany, similar to the Rottweiler. They are very smart and excellent swimmers. Their funky haircuts help them float better in the water.

The hybrid offspring of an English Setter and a Poodle is referred to as an English Setter Poodle mix. There is not much of a historical record for hybrid or designer dogs, so obtaining a reliable judgment on them is difficult. In the past twenty years, it has become normal practice to breed specific types of dogs like this one.

    English Setter Poodle Mix Characteristics

    The majority of English Setter and Poodle mixes are characterized by their owners as friendly, sociable, and people-oriented. When at home, these hybrid dogs exhibit a peaceful demeanor and want to be close to the family. However, the English Setter Poodle mix's joyful and bouncy nature emerges when they are outside, and they often show the pointing behavior of their ancestors, the English Setters. This is a highly athletic breed that enjoys walking, hiking, and swimming. Most English Poodle mixes enjoy the water, as one of its parents was bred specifically for retrieving. In addition to this, they are extremely bright dogs who can pick up new skills very fast and are responsive to obedience instruction very well.

    English Setter Poodle Mix Characteristics, Size, Temperament, Lifespan

    The American Kennel Club does not recognize it because it is a medium-sized designer breed (AKC). The hybrid breed produces puppies with desirable traits like high intelligence, keenness, and ease of training. The Poodle and the English Setter are both little to medium-sized dogs with distinctively diverse coats and coloring. When these two breeds are crossed, three possible coat varieties emerge, with solid coat colors being the most common. The English Setter's Belton coat is occasionally passed on to the next generation, however, Poodle coat colors are far more frequent.

    English Setter Poodle Mix Size

    The average height of a full-grown English Setter Poodle mix is about the same as that of a purebred English Setter. Most of them are between average height and weight, and they range in size from small to standard. The typical English Setter Poodle hybrid stands between 19 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder for females and between 20 to 24 inches for males. A female dog of the usual size often weighs between 45 to 60 pounds, whereas a male dog of the conventional size typically weighs between 65 to 80 pounds.

    English Setter Poodle Mix Temperament

    Mixes of English Setters and Poodles (Standard) are recognized for their bravery and protective nature. They're also known for being exceptionally affectionate pets. The dog needs an owner that is strong and assertive enough to show the dog who is boss. They approach outsiders with caution while maintaining a friendly demeanor, and they are loving and compassionate toward their families and the younger members of their communities. The development of undesirable behaviors is typically prevented by early socialization in these hybrid dogs. Positive reinforcement works beautifully for it, as it does for all dogs.

    The English Setter x Poodle hybrid is a dog that features desirable traits from both parent breeds. This is a great mix for someone looking for a highly trainable dog who is devoted, affectionate, and full of personality because both breeds have comparable temperaments and personality qualities. They have the hunting instincts of their purebred parents and can be educated to do so. They also have enough stamina to keep up with young children.

    English Setter Poodle Mix Lifespan

    Hybrid vigor is the outcome of the English Setter and Poodle cross. This is the chance to fix genetic problems caused by breeding similar dogs together for generations. The typical life expectancy of a mixed-breed English Setter and Poodle is between 10 to 15 years.  Poodles and English Setters, on the other hand, are prone to several health issues, including the following:

    • Epilepsy
    • Dysplasia of the elbow
    • Progressive retinal atrophy
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Deafness

    It's critical to check the parents' medical histories and guarantee they're generally free of hereditary concerns. These problems should not exist in either parent and the parents should originate from good breeders. However, if both parents are healthy, their offspring have a far lower probability of inheriting any of these illnesses or problems. 

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