Deoni Cow Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

Deoni cattle are an Indian native breed. It is also known by the names Deccani, Dongari and Dongarpati. The Deoni breed of cattle developed in Karnataka's Basavakalyan, Bidar, and Bhalki taluks and Maharashtra's Latur region. This breed of cattle came from a strain formed by crossing  Dangi, Gir, and native cattle. Also, they exhibit striking similarities in general morphology and toughness to the Dangi cattle of Bombay State, a region close to the Deoni cattle breeding region.

The term "Deoni" refers to the Deoni Taluka, which is located inside the Latur district of the state of Maharashtra. It is regarded as a significant dual-purpose breed in India. Moreover, they are well-known for their usefulness as draught animals and as milk producers.

    Deoni Cow Characteristics

    The physical makeup of the Deoni (a medium-sized animal) is very similar to that of the Gir. The body is fairly developed, symmetrical, and characterized by distinct muscles.

    The head is masculine, perceptive, broad, and somewhat convex. Wannera and Shevera have black and white heads, while the Balankya strain possesses a fully white head. All varieties of this breed have a prominent, broad, somewhat bulged forehead that is a pure white color; long, drooping ears with slightly curved ends; medium-sized, thick horns that are spaced widely apart and originate from the sides of the poll; blunt horn tips; and large, bright, alert eyes framed by black-colored eyebrows.

    Deoni Cow Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

    The male hump is large and well-developed while the female hump is much smaller. In contrast to its long body, the neck is short but muscular and well-defined. Dewlap has folds of muscle and is thick and pendulous. It features a deep, wide chest. These animals have thick skin that is tenuously connected to the body. The tail is black and white, and it is long enough to reach below the hock. 

    The udder is tightly attached, around average in size, and features black teats that are evenly spaced across its surface. Large, black scrotums are a distinguishing feature of these bulls. They are peaceful and submissive cattle. The hair is silky and short. The cows' udders are relatively well-developed. The hooves have a dark color and are well-made and shaped. The body is substantial and upright, with great depth, and gives the impression of strength.

    Deoni Cow Milk per day

    Deoni cattle are a gentle and peaceful breed. The bullocks are extremely durable and effective at heavy labor. The cows are reasonably good milkers, producing approximately 1135 kg throughout a 300-day lactation period. These cows produce 3 liters of milk daily.

    The average fat percentage of Deoni cows' milk is approximately 4.3%. The average age for first calving is 46 months, while cows typically experience their first estrus around 36 months.

    The Deoni cattle of India are typically kept on fallow ground, dry land, or farm bunds. The breed is highly adapted to its breeding tract and the Indian environment, and it is a significant cow genetic resource in India.

    Deoni Cow Price

    The Deoni breed of cattle is significant in India because of its versatility. They are raised for dairy products as well as for use as working animals. The price range for this cow is between $400 to $1500. A Deoni cow's price can vary depending on its location and breeding. The physical makeup of the male Deoni cattle is better suited to the environment, allowing them to labor for 6 to 8 hours in the field. For improved performance, these cattle require ideal environmental circumstances. They also require shelter to protect themselves from severe rain, direct sunlight, snowfall, frost, and parasites. The chosen shelter must provide access to clean water and air.

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