American Eskimo Dog Pros and Cons

If you're searching for a dog that is intelligent, spirited and resembles fluffy clouds, the American Eskimo dog will win your heart immediately. These adorable little dogs also referred to as Eskies, are devoted to their owners and are a wonderful choice for families. 

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Eskies acquired widespread recognition as one of the most adaptable dog breeds by performing amazing agility stunts in traveling circus acts. These beautiful companion pups are full of enthusiasm, charisma, and affection, and they like being the center of attention in busy, bustling households.

    The American Eskimo dog is a cheerful white dog that resembles a small husky in overall look. Despite its name, this breed of dog is actually from the Midwest of the US, where they have long been used as farm dogs. These canines are available in three sizes, but are always white and have bouncy ears. American Eskimo dogs are energetic and playful canines that might be a little mischievous. When owned by the appropriate person, this breed may bring out the best in both the owner and the dog.

    American Eskimo Dog Pros and Cons

    American Eskimo Dog Pros

    Family dog

    The American Eskimo is a family canine. Eskies are extremely devoted to their owners and require constant companionship. They are highly bold and possess a strong feeling of territoriality. Eskies have a long history as guard dogs, hence they are fully vocal and have a loud, sharp bark. If someone breaks into your house or on your property, your Eskie will bark at them. Eskies are not an aggressive breed, despite their training as guard dogs. 

    Beautiful Appearance

    The striking appearance and long, white hair of American Eskimo dogs are well-known characteristics. Every depiction of an American Eskimo makes note of its amazing mane of pure white hair and thick shimmering coat. 

    Active Dog Breed

    The American Eskimo Dog is a joyful and high-spirited breed of dog that is very energetic and enjoys strenuous activity, especially when it's done outside in the snow. Eskies, or American Eskimo Dogs, are very social and enjoy spending time with people.

    American Eskimo Dog Cons

    Dental Issues

    Approximately 80% of canines will have some form of dental disease by the time they are two. American Eskimo dogs tend to be more susceptible to dental problems than other breeds, despite the fact that this is a common concern with pets. The presence of tartar on the teeth, which can eventually lead to infections, is the source of the first problem. The teeth of your Eskie should be brushed at least once every day, and they should also receive expert dental cleanings as required.

    Weight Gain Propensity

    Even though American Eskimo dogs are known to be energetic, Eskies have the propensity to gain weight quite quickly. Your dog, like any other, needs regular exercise and a balanced diet to stay healthy and happy.

    Genetic Issues 

    Certain genetic issues have been found in some American Eskimo dogs. Despite the rarity of these potential illnesses, regular check-ups with the doctor should be undertaken to continuously monitor them.

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