Limousin Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Limousin cattle are a highly muscled beef cattle breed which belongs to France. The regions where these cattle can be found in France are Limousin and Marche. These cattle are named after the area of their origin. In France, these cattle are named as Limousine. Limousin cattle are known for their high quality meat. These cattle are very good breeders. According to the breeding standard, this breed is the most satisfying breed. This breed has now spread to the 70 different countries of this world. Limousin cattle are a continental cattle breed, which can survive even in extreme environments.

Limousin Cattle Advantages

Limousin cattle have the major advantage of their high quality and great amount of meat. These cattle are well known for their meat production. These cattle are continental breed which are found in more than 70 countries and can survive in every kind of environment. Limousin cattle are very good breeders and can give birth to low weight calves. The process of calving is easy regardless of their heavy body. This is an ancient breed and can be seen in the ancient paintings of rulers. These cattle have very strong immune system which makes them different from others.

Limousin Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Limousin Cattle Disadvantages

Limousin cattle are aggressive by nature and can hit anyone with anger. According to a research, one in every 5 cattle is calm but the remaining 4 Limousin cattle are aggressive. The research was made on 160,000 animals and the results were in the ratio of 1:6. In this ratio, 5 represent the aggressive Limousin cattle while 1 represents the calm Limousin cattle. This is the only and main disadvantage of this breed. People cannot visit this breed without any security and protection. An attendant must be required while visiting these aggressive Limousin cattle.

Limousin Cattle Facts

Limousin cattle are the ancients cattle breed which are now usually available in golden color and around the eyes and muzzle; pale sections of hair are present. A French book named French herd book discusses and ensures the purity of this breed. The purity of this breed can be checked with the available color of this breed. As this breed is always available in golden color, no white or black colored cattle of this breed have seen yet. The fame size of this breed is average. The average weight of Limousin bull is 1100 kg while the average weight of Limousin cow is up to 700 kg.

Limousin Cattle Price

Limousin cattle are the most beneficial cattle breed among other breeds. The price of this breed is high because of its outstanding advantages and minimal disadvantages. In the national sale of Wodonga, the Limousin bull cattle get sold at the price of 2800 dollars in which Senior Limousin bulls were sold. Almost 11 senior bulls were sold at the price of 6909 dollars. On the other hand, some junior Limousin cattle were also sold. The average price of those junior cattle was 4937 dollars and the top price recorded was 8000 dollars.

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