Mini Sheepadoodle Life Span

Sheepadoodle are available in many sizes. And the most attractive one is mini sheepadoodle. It more looks like a toy because of it's small size. It is a mix of two main breeds i.e. poodle dog breed and old English sheep dog. These two parent breeds are highly demanded because of their features. Sheepadoodle (whether mini or standard sheepadoodle) are the mixture of these two special breeds. So the qualities they have are also advanced than the parent breeds. They are available in many colors and have the same qualities irrespective of the sizes. This is the reason people prefer mini sheepadoodle as compare to an adult one.

Talking about the life span of sheepadoodle, it depends on the traits transferred to them. Usually the dogs (designer dogs) have longer life span as compare to the parent breeds. Same is the case in sheepadoodle. Mini sheepadoodle are small in size than poodle dog and old English sheep dog, but they live longer than the parent breeds.

Mini Sheepadoodle Life Span

Life span of mini sheepadoodle depends on the parent breed having greater genetic influence. So Genes matter a lot in life span calculation. Mini sheepadoodle is obtained as a result of breeding mini poodle dog and an old English sheep dog. The fact is, mini poodle dog have a life span greater than the old English sheep dog. Mini poodles live 12 to 15 years Max but the old English sheep dog has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. So the mix of these two breeds led to a designer dog with greater life span as compare to these two breeds. Mini sheepadoodle may survive 12 to 17 years, depending on the genetic influence of one of the parent breed.

If mini poodle has a greater impact on mini sheepadoodle, then the life expectancy may be 12 to 17 years but if old English sheep dog have greater impact than mini poodle, then the life expectancy may be around 15 years. So there is not a constant number of age of sheepadoodle. 15 years is the average life span. They are super friendly and be friends with the people within no time. This turns in to a deep connection of family members with sheepadoodle, specially the kids. So considering 15 years as a life span of sheepadoodle, people get sad and do not get too much attached to them.

They are the protectors of their family, so they always try to keep themselves fit, so that they could live longer and protect their family. They can even sacrifice their life for the protection of family members in the house. That's why people usually prefer these to be with their kids in their absence. People think 15 years of life span, a very less time duration. Usually people when get used to them, the life span is at it's ending stage. So it makes people sad. Still people live sheepadoodle and prefer to keep in their house for a really good company and their cool temperament.

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