Blonde Daquitaine Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Blonde d’aquitaine is a popular cattle breed as compare to all other cattle breeds. This breed is found in France. Although it is a great breed but still there are two cattle breeds i.e. Charolais and Limousin which are better than this breed. The exact area in the south- west of France named Aquitaine is where these cattle were first originated. These cattle are named after the area of their origin and the color of their body. These cattle are called Blonde to distinguish this breed easily. Blonde d’aquitaine is the combination of three different breeds i.e. Garonnais, Blonde des Pyrenees and Quercy.

Blonde D’aquitaine Cattle Pros

These cattle can survive in the climate of Irish lands and have good adaptability. Their thin or short coat along with light body color indicates that these cattle can survive better in hot climate. These cattle are known for their calm temperament. The process of calving is excellent in this breed. These cattle can give birth to new calves without any nursing hand and assistance. The rate at which these cattle give birth to their calves is appreciable. These cattle are very good converters of food in to weight. The conversion goes on the rate of 6 pounds of feed per pound.

Blonde D’aquitaine Cattle Cons

These cattle are calm but still people have to take precautionary measures while visiting them. These cattle are protective about their calves. These cattle can harm anyone who comes close to their calves. These cattle are very good at producing calves but the skin of these cattle is not much thick. So there may be a problem of survival in cold temperate areas. There are various advantages of this breed but the disadvantages are rare. The light color of their skin can lead to sun burn.

Blonde Daquitaine Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Blonde D’aquitaine Cattle Facts

Blonde d’aquitaine, as the name indicates has a blonde color of their skin. The original color of this breed is fawn. Their coat is short in size and the color ranges from tan to off-white. Sometimes, these cattle are also available in red color. The intensity of pigmentation is light around the inner side of legs, around the muzzle, shins and belly. The golden color of this breed is due to the dominant gene and 90% of cattle are blonde. The average weight of blonde d’aquitaine bull is about 1100 kg while the weight of blonde d’aquitaine cow is about 800 kg.

Blonde D’aquitaine Price

Blonde d’aquitaine is the famous breed and is available all over the world. Farmers usually buy these cattle in bulk because bulk purchase reduces the cost per cattle. The price of cattle depends on various factors like physical factors and external factors. Physical factor include weight, size, age and color of breed and external factors include location and availability of this breed. The exact range of price is not mentioned because of the availability of this breed all over the world. The price range differs all over the world according to the location.

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