What is F1b sheepadoodle?

F1B sheepadoodle are the back cross breed dogs. When a sheepadoodle is bred with a poodle, then F1B sheepadoodle is obtained. F1b sheepadoodle are the first generation back cross breed. This is done to enhance the qualities of sheepadoodle. The qualities of F1b sheepadoodle are more attractive than ordinary sheepadoodle. When a F1 sheepadoodle (which is half standard poodle and half old English sheep dog) is again bred with a poodle, it produces F1b sheepadoodle.

F1b sheepadoodle has 75 percent qualities of poodle dog and 25 percent qualities of old English sheep dog. This back cross dog breed is done to produce “non-shedding” dogs. Sheepadoodle are known as low shedding dogs but F1b sheepadoodle are called as non-shedding dogs. Their property of shedding enhanced in F1b sheepadoodle. F1b sheepadoodle are recommended for the families to keep them in home. They are non-shedding but they cause moderate allergies.

As F1b sheepadoodle are 75 percent poodle dogs, so their hypoallergenic property decreases and they become allergy friendly. But in some cases, they do not trigger the allergies of their master. Although F1b sheepadoodle are 75 percent poodle dog, but their appearance not necessarily resemble with poodle dog and their temperament is also not like poodle. Only the non-shedding property of poodle dog enhances in f1b sheepadoodle.

What is F1b sheepadoodle?

Appearance wise, they more look like a sheepadoodle. The f1b sheepadoodle litters have a mark on their bodies which resembles them with sheepadoodle. They are perfect for families demanding sheepadoodle looking dogs with non-shedding properties. People usually prefer non shedding dogs because they want them for their kids. Although it is hard to groom a non-shedding dog but still they are demanded the most.

Sheepadoodle have almost the same litters. The puppies look like copies of sheepadoodle dog. They look so sweet in small size. These dogs are so consistent in looks that anyone can get confuse while identifying the breed. The only difference we can observe is the difference in markings and texture. Some of the dogs have straight or slight wavy fur coat which looks cool while some puppies may have curly fur coat to varying degrees.

Color of the coat may also vary. In other words, the facial features remain the same but the appearance may differ like texture of fur and color of dog. They are talking about the personality of f1b sheepadoodle; they are a great mixture breed for fun and relaxation.  They are intelligent dogs. They can be trained easily. As they are intelligent, so they pick up things very fast and keep them in mind for longer. Intelligence enhanced in the back cross breed because poodles have 75 percent effect on the personality of f1b sheepadoodle and poodle breed is intelligent.

This was all about the personality of f1b sheepadoodle. Their temperament do not resemble with poodle but with old English sheep dog. The f1b sheepadoodle are available in almost every size because it totally depends on the size of parent breeds involved in breeding.

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