Akita Lab Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Akita lab mix is a hybrid breed which can be obtained by breeding two popular dog breeds i.e. Akira and Labrador. They are also known as labrakita. Both of the parent breeds are working dogs. One of the parent breeds is hunter of large game and the other one is a waterfowl retriever. This mix is a rare one and they are extremely loyal dogs. They are loyal to their people and their family. They are over friendly with people. They can easily sniff on to a wild thing around them. They are aggressive by nature.

Akita Lab Mix Temperament

The mix of Akira and Labrador is a unique combination. They are complicated personalities. Their temperament is either like Akira or Labrador. Sometimes they have mix temperament of both parent breeds. It is very hard to predict the temperament of Akira lab mix. They have the tendency to standoffish and they become aggressive readily. They show aggressiveness to strangers only. They are protective dogs and protect their family. They can sacrifice their life while protecting their people because they are very loyal dogs. As their parent breeds have hunting background, so they have strong sniffing power.

Akita Lab Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Akita Lab Mix Size

Akita lab mix are formidable dogs which means they may either go with the size of akita or Labrador. Apart from this concept, the Labrador has dominant traits on Akita lab mix dog as compared to Akita dog breed. According to the height and weight of parent breeds, the estimated weight range is 55 to 130 pounds. Same is the case with height; they are 21.5 to 28 inches tall. This size estimation shows that they are medium to large sized dogs. They cannot be kept in lap for longer because of their large size.

Akita Lab Mix Adoption

Akita lab mix dogs are hard to find. They are rare dog mix and are not available easily. People wish to find them at a shelter house or rescue center. People usually do not get a puppy over there because the puppies available by chance. The available puppies are either rescued from a bad situation or surrendered from a puppy mill. This is sometimes good to have an Akita lab mix dog from shelter house because they are already trained. People like to adapt them because of their loyalty. They can even sacrifice their life while saving their people.

Akita Lab Mix Life Span

The average life span of Akita lab mix dog is 10 to 13 years. They are hybrid dogs and are a comparatively larger dog that’s why they have smaller life span as compare to large dogs. After 13 years of age, they may die due to any health issue.

Akita Lab Mix Sale & Price

Akita lab mix breed is a rare breed and are not available easily. So their price range is higher than other dogs. Their price range may start from $500 and may exceed up to $1500. Sometimes because of their high demand, they become even more expensive.

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