German Shepherd Malamute Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

German shepherd malamute mix dogs are also known as Alaskan Shepherds. They are obtained by breeding two different but interesting dog breeds i.e. German shepherd and Alaskan malamute. Both of the parent breeds are working dogs and are very good companions. So, these traits are transferred to their mix breed. They are very smart dogs. They like the activities for their mental sharpness and health. They require proper training from the initial stage of their life. They are family dogs and like people around them. They are the working dogs and the protectors of their people.

German Shepherd Malamute Mix Temperament

German shepherd malamute mi which are commonly known as Alaskan shepherd, are very affectionate by nature. They are amicable too. They get attached to their family within no time. They become friendly with kids without any hesitation but adult people should supervise them when they are interacting or playing with the kids. Supervision is necessary because of their large size. They are the protectors of their family. they are ideal watch dogs and this quality is inherited from the German shepherds. They always keep an eye on things and people they find offensive around them.

German Shepherd Malamute mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

German Shepherd Malamute Mix Size

German shepherd malamute mix is a tall dog with bold features. In the first 6 months of their age, they are 14 inches in height and 27 lbs. in weight. But in case of female Alaskan shepherd, they are 11 inches in height and 22 lbs. in weight. In the 12th month of their age, they weigh 55 lbs. and 19 inches in height. But in case of females, they weigh 50 lbs. and 17 inches in height. When they become fully adult, their average weight is 72 lbs. and height reach up to 24 inches.

German Shepherd Malamute Mix Adaption

German shepherd malamute mix can be adapted from a rescue center, a pet shop and a shelter house. While buying, the staff should perform a test to check their ancestry. They are checked properly and then after adaption, a member from staff goes to their house for satisfaction either they are comfortable in this environment or not. Usually people like to buy a trained rescued Alaskan shepherd but some people like to buy an untrained Alaskan shepherd so that they can train them their self. So it is preferred to ask the rescue staff for Alaskan shepherd.

German Shepherd Malamute Mix Life Span

The hybrid breeds always live more than the pure breeds. So in the case of German shepherd malamute mix, they live longer than their parent breeds. Their life span is maximum for 10 to 13 years. After that they die.

German Shepherd Malamute Mix Sale & Price

German shepherd malamute mix may be available on pet shops and their price varies according to the area and size of dog. Trained dogs are expensive as compare to untrained dogs. the average price range is from $1500 to $3000. They are the unusual hybrids.

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