Greyhound Lab Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Greyhound lab mix is a designer breed which can be obtained by breeding two different pure breeds. The parent breeds involved in breeding are Greyhound and Labrador. Both of these parent breeds are wonderful. Greyhound lab mix breed is becoming popular amongst people day by day because of it's outstanding qualities. This mix breed is also known as "greyador". Labradors are of very good personality and greyhounds have awesome looks. They are graceful and friendly. Greyhound lab mix may develop traits of the dominant parent breed. The size, temperament, color and other characteristics totally depends on the dominant traits of parent breeds.

Greyhound lab mix size

There is a minor difference in the weight of female and male Greyhound lab mix dogs. The average weight of an adult male Greyhound lab mix is 60 to 75 pounds whereas average weight of female Greyhound lab mix is 60 to 65 pounds. An average size Greyhound lab mix may weight 55 to 80 pounds in males whereas 50 to 80 pounds in females. Talking about the height of Greyhound lab mix breed, they may become tall up to 27 inches. The range of height starts from 21 inches and ends at 27 inches maximum.

Greyhound lab Mix

Greyhound lab mix temperament

Greyhound lab mix are wonderful dogs. They are becoming everyone's priority. Their temperament is the mixture of both the parent breeds. Other than inherited traits, the training and socialization plays an important role to build up a good temperament dog. They are quite and gentle. They are sensitive dogs but strong too. They always like to be around people. According to a Labrador, they are playful, friendly and too much active. If we have a look on their temperament with dominant triats of Greyhound dogs, they are independent and calm.

Greyhound lab mix adaption

Adaption included two main options i.e. from the pet shop or the rescued ones. People usually contact the Greyhound and Labrador rescue organizations to adapt a greyhound lab mix. People contact the rescue teams and tell them that they are interested to adapt a greyhound lab mix. Then the rescue teams arrange a greyhound lab mix dog according to the demand of people. Sometimes they are adapted from animal shelter. People search on Google and the ads given by the animal shelter team, helps them a lot. The genetic testing is important to check the ancestry of the adapted dog.

Greyhound lab mix lifespan

Greyhound lab mix dogs live more than than the pure breeds. The hybrid dogs always have longer life span as compare to pure breeds. Greyhound lab mix may live maximum for 12 years and minimum for 10 years. Then they die with or without any health issue.

Greyhound lab mix Sale & price

The price of Greyhound lab mix dogs vary according to the location and size. If people adapt a greyhound lab mix from a known breeder, then it may be expensive but in the longer run, there will be not much expenses. But if people buy a cheap dog, later on the expenses will increase regarding vaccinations and training etc.

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