Jamunapari Goat Images, Milk, Lifespan, Characteristics, Price

Jamunapari goat is a specific breed of goats found in India. It is a dairy goat breed which is commonly available. This breed was first introduced near a well known river of India. This river is named as jamuna. So jamunapari goat was named after that river. Jamunapari is the giant goat breed and these have longer ears than other goats. This breed then moved to Indonesia and helped a lot in creating new breeds. Jamunapari goat has longer body than other goats. Triplets and quadrants are common among this breed. The average age of this breed is 18 years.

Jamunapari Goat Weight

Jamunapari goat breed has longer body comparative to other breeds. There is a slight difference in the weight of male and female jamunapari goat. A male jamunapari goat weigh 65 to 90 kgs. While a female jamunapari goat weighs 40 to 60 kgs.

Jamnapari Goat Milk, Weight, Lifespan, Characteristics, Price

Jamunapari Goat Milk Production

Jamunapari goat is known as best dairy goat breed. These goats gives a lot of milk on daily basis. The milk is delicious and people enjoy the taste of her milk. Female Jamunapari goat gives almost 2 to 3 liters of milk everyday. The milkĀ  contains only 5 percent of fat and it means this is safe to drink for a good health. People can do business with these goats. Because their milk is delicious and the quantity on daily basis is enough to meet needs. People who do business, prefer this goat breed for their farm.

Jamunapari Goat Life Span

Jamunapari goat does not have a very long life span of 20 to 25 years but these can live maximum for up to 18 years. After that the goat may die. People like to keep them for their business and kids like to keep these goats because these goats are friendly with kids. People like to see them and play with them. They are playful too. The average life span of jamunapari is 18 years, there may be a slight change in this age limit. Kids get so much attached to them and do not want to lose them at any cost.

Jamunapari Goat Characteristics

Jamunapari goat is large sized goat and these are available in yellow, black, white and brown color. Even available in mixed colors. Long legs makes these goats cool. These goats have long hair on legs and thigh and back legs. Jamunapari goats like to graze in open field. They have small sized tail which is slightly curved upward. These goats have small sized horns and have longer ear than other breeds. In almost all the goats in this breed, have brown spots on mouth and neck. The tests are long too.

Jamunapari Goat Price

Jamunapari goat is not expensive at all. Every other person can afford them. Jamunapari goat is beneficial in both way i.e. meat and milk. So the average price of Adult jamunapari goat is Rs 10,000 - 20,000. People selling their meat are having good response from people. This is the fastest growing Breed.

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