Bagot Goat History, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Bagot goat is a goat breed which is rare now days. This goat breed is the oldest breed of Britain. This goat breed has a documented ancestry. The historical documents of 1389 contain the ancestry of Bagot goat. The Bagot breed is also known as historical parkland breed. This breed took almost 6 centuries to develop fully as a single isolated herd. The fur coats of these goats are mostly black and white in color. The pattern of colors may change by breeding the Bagot goat with another having different color pattern. The strains of this breed have diversity in color patterns.

Bagot Goat History

Bagot breed is the ancient goat breed and have proper name and ancestry in the history files of 1389. A man named Sir John Bagot was the keeper of the herd of Bagot goats at Blithfield. Originally this breed was managed as semi feral or feral breed in Bagot parks. The Bagot Park is just 3 miles away from Blithfield hall. These goats are self-reliant and this property can help them survive for centuries. This breed can survive easily in a domestic life style. These goats can survive on their own.

Bagot Goat History, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Bagot Goat Milk Production

Bagot goat is of no commercial use. These goats can produce milk and meat but the amount is not
sufficient to do a business. The ancestors are common in Bagot goat breed and Valais Black necked goat of Switzerland. All the strains of this breed are not for commercial use but some can be useful. These goats have nervous temperament and these goats are not used as harness goats. The exact quantity of milk is not known. These goats can give birth to their kids twice a year. The milk production is only sufficient for the kids.

Bagot Goat Weight

These goats are mainly used for showing. There is a difference in the weight of male and female Bagot goats. Male Bagot goat has an average weight of 14 kg i.e. 33 Lbs. whereas the average weight of female Bagot goat is 10.4 kg i.e. 23 Lbs.

Bagot Goat Size

Bagot goats are small sized goats and have less weight. These goats are easy to handle because of their size and weight. People keep them to fulfill their daily routine requirements. These goats are small but attractive. Bagot goats have round eyes with beautiful face features.

Bagot Goat Facts

These goats are black and white in color. The head and neck are black in color and the rest of the body is white in color. There may be a white colored star or blaze on its face. There may be black colored spots on the body. The horns of these goats are straight or slightly curved in females and in males the texture of horns is wide and is more curved backwards. The top and belly lines are roughly parallel and are mostly seen in mature animals. These goats (especially bucks) are narrow from waist and are deep chested.

Bagot Goat Breed

Bagot goat breed have a complicated and ancient ancestry. These goats are commonly found in the Bagot Park which is almost 10 miles away from Blithfield hills. This breed has beautiful looks and has long length hair on their body. The Bagot goats need fresh food on daily basis. These goats most of the time in a year, these goats are kept at grazing fields to graze and play. Mostly these are taken home for kidding. These goats are timid but they overcome their timid nature and become gentle pets. These goats can even tolerate heavy rains.

Bagot Goat Price

Bagot goat breed has become rare now days. The total female Bagot goats were calculated in the range of 200 to 300 in 2018. The average price of Bagot goats is 258.56 pounds. This price was recorded in an auction. The price at which the female Bagot goat sold was 430.0 guineas.

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