Droughtmaster Cattle Origin, Advantages and Disadvantages, Price

Drought master cattle are a tropical cattle breed which is mainly used for meat production. This cattle breed is mainly found in North Queensland, Australia. This breed has very good resistance against tick. Tick is an insect which usually causes itching in the fur. So this breed is highly suitable for the environment of tropical areas of Australia. Drought master cattle breed can easily adjust in the environment and knows how to utilize the environment as well as pastures in the most effective way. This cattle breed is higher in weight and have very good fertility.

Drought Master Cattle Origin

Drought master cattle were first found in North Queensland, Australia. These cattle have some complex origin. This breed came into existence by intentionally breeding two different breed, to combine the best qualities of two different breeds. The parent breeds involve Brahman cattle and Shorthorn cattle. Drought master breed is very suitable for the tropical regions. There is also a main role of other British breeds mainly Hereford, in the development of drought master breed. A lot of effort was made to achieve a fixed breed having 50 percent qualities of Bos Taurus and 50 percent qualities of Bos indicus.

Droughtmaster Cattle Origin, Characteristics, Disadvantages, Price

Drought Master Cattle Advantages

Drought master cattle breed medium to large sized animals. These cattle are mainly used for the purpose of meat production. The basic available color of this breed is red but there may be variation in color from honey color to dark red. The length of body is very good and has a smooth surfaced coat. These cattle either have horns or polls. Mostly this cattle breed is polled. The size of their ears is medium to large. The hump size is also moderate and the dewlap is extended. The red pigmentation on their body protects them from cancer and other skin conditions.

Drought Master Cattle Disadvantages

Drought master cattle breed is mainly used for meat production. When we talk about the disadvantages, this breed does not have any serious disadvantage. The breeding rate of this cattle breed is slow and produce low weight calves. Drought master cattle breed has advantages like these cattle are free from ticks and are resistant to them. These cattle does not require proper space to be kept, these can graze in pastures and know how to utilize their space to enhance their weight and health. Drought master breed has more advantages than disadvantages.

Drought Master Cattle Price

Drought master cattle have become rare now days. The price range of these cattle may differ from place to place because of their listed benefits as compared to fewer disadvantages. These cattle are sold on auction. An auctioneer reported a price in South African currency of 17 drought master cattle, which is R66 460. In that auction, the drought master bull was sold at the price of R140 000, which is the highest price of this cattle breed. Du Plessis bought Drought master cow along with drought master bull in a very reasonable price i.e. R280 000.

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