Girolando Cattle Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Girolando cattle are a young breed and were first found in 1940. In 1940, the breeders intentionally bred two different breeds i.e. Gyr and Holstein. Breeders are looking for two different breeds which complement each other to produce a new breed according to the requirement of market. The Brazilian market demands an improved breed, so breeders are struggling for it. This breed is now becoming popular due to the speed up production. These cattle have high efficiency and breeders are still trying to increase their efficiency. This improvement program conducted by the government is known as ‘Program Girolando”.

Girolando Cattle Milk Production

Girolando cattle are well known for milk production. This cattle breed is very good in production and fertility. After 30 months of time, each girolando cow start producing calves. At the age of 10 years, these cattle produce the maximum amount of milk and it last for up to 15 years. These cattle keep a gap of almost 410 days between each calf production. Per lactation, the average amount of milk produced is 3600 kg. Lactation period last for up to 305 days. Their milk contains about 4 percent of fat. The life time production of milk is calculated up to 20,000 kg.

Girolando Cattle Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Girolando Cattle Weight

Girolando cattle have heavy body and their weight is enough to use for commercial purpose. The weight of girolando cow is usually less than the girolando bull. On average, the weight of girolando cattle increases 1 kg per day.

Girolando Cattle Size

The average size of this cattle breed is medium. The parent breeds have a size range of 1.3 m to 1.5 m. This is the size of an adult girolando cattle. These cattle are easy to handle because of their size. The size of girolando cow is usually smaller than the size of girolando bull.

Girolando Cattle Characteristics

These cattle are used for commercial use. People keep them to do a vast business. These cattle are
well known for the production of milk but the meat production also helps in a business. The fur coat of their body is thick and the basic color is black and sometimes black n white. If the color shades of parent breeds differ, then the shades of this breed may also change. Girolando cattle are Brazilian cattle best suited for hot environment. This is the fastest growing breed for commercial purposes.

Girolando Cattle Breed

Girolando cattle breed was first seen in 1940. This breed was intentionally come in to being. Two breeds named Gyr cattle and Holstein cattle are bred together to produce a Brazilian cattle named Bos indicus (Girolando cattle). These cattle are well adapted to the hot environment and have resistance against various tropical diseases. These cows are fertile and produce calves on a large scale. These calves are then used for milk production. Almost 80 percent of milk is distributed to the Brazil, so Government is helping in the production of this breed. These cattle are also used for meat production.

Girolando Cattle Price

The price of Girolando cattle differs from location to location. These cattle are mostly expensive because these are on high demand due to their heavy milk production. The price also varies within the breed because the characteristics and features of these cattle breed also matters.

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