Red Poll Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Red Poll cattle breed is the mixture of two extinct breeds i.e. Suffolk Dun and Norfolk Red. It is a dual purpose breed, mainly used for beef and milk production. Red Poll breed was first recognized in the 19th century. This breed was originally named as Suffolk cattle and Norfolk cattle. In 1888, the Red Poll cattle society was created and then this breed was named as Red Poll cattle. As the name indicates, it is a naturally polled breed because it is the combo of two breeds which are naturally polled. This breed is named after this main characteristic.

Red Poll Cattle Advantages

Red Poll cattle have two main advantages i.e. dairy production and meat production. This breed has docile nature and can be controlled by a single person. These cattle produce tender meat which is also healthy for people. These cattle gain weight quickly without increasing their size. This is a main advantage. Red Poll cattle are excellent mothers and are over protective about their calves. The Red Poll bulls have very good libidos. These cattle produce high quality milk which is very beneficial for the children as well as adults. These cattle can produce calf after the 2 years of their life.

Red Poll Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Red Poll Cattle Disadvantages

Red Poll cattle do not have many disadvantages and can be kept because of listed advantages. The main disadvantage of this breed is no extreme climate resistance. These cattle are kept in a special esteem in England. Red Poll cattle are one of the “Suffolk Trinity” members. Suffolk trinity is the group of three different animal breeds i.e. Suffolk heavy punch horses, Suffolk sheep and Suffolk Red Poll cattle. These cattle can produce calves on annual basis and this is a long gap and leads to less calf production.

Red Poll Cattle Facts

Red Poll cattle as the name indicates, is the red color cattle breed having no horns. This reduces the effort of a farmer to make them hornless or polled. These cattle have deep red color and have white colored udders and tail. These cattle are well pigmented which prevents them from the sunburn. This is a medium sized cattle breed which can be an advantage of good efficient feeding. This breed starts gaining weight at the early age of life. The average weight of Red Poll bull is 800 kg while the average weight of Red Poll cow is 540 kg.

Red Poll Cattle Price

These cattle are advantageous for farmers in terms of milk and meat production and also these cattle are easy to handle. Farmers usually demand this cattle breed for their business. As these cattle are on high demand so their prices are also high. The average price of these cattle is 2500 dollars. The prices may vary according to the location, availability, weight, age and gender of this cattle breed. Farmers usually buy these cattle in bulk and bulk purchase is always cheaper than individual purchase. The prices also fluctuate according to the demand of farmers.

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