Kamori Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Kamori goat is a specified goat breed which is the popular one among other goat breeds. These goats are commonly found in Sindh province of Pakistan. Their body structure is distinctive. They have long ears, large sized body and neck. They also have some different colors. The pure breed of kamori goat has beautiful colored skin. Commonly these goats have dark brown skin with some dark colored patches on it. Kamori goats can be further bred with different breeds. Most commonly kamori goat is bred with patairee goat which is another popular breed found in Sindh province of Pakistan.

Kamori Goat Images

Kamori Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Kamori Goat Milk Production

Kamori goat is the well known breed for it's milk production. These goats are famous for their milk production. The average amount of milk produced by these goats is 1.5 liter per day. These goats are also known as dairy goat breed. Not only milk, kamori goats are also known for their meat production. These goats has a lot of healthy meat which is very beneficial for people health. Kamori goats have become rare now a days. The milk and meat benefit from these kamori goats can help people to start a business.

Kamori Goat Weight

Kamori goats has slight difference in the weight of does and bucks weight. The average weight of bucks is 60 kgs whereas the average weight of does is 50 kgs. Kamori goat is medium to large sized goat with average weight range of 50 to 60 kgs.

Kamori Goat Characteristics

Kamori goats are different from other goat breeds. Their appearance is beautiful. They are known for their different body structure. These goats has long ears, strong large body and neck. These goats has unique colors of their skin. The body length is long and have dark colored patches on the skin. The base color is usually dark brown and the color of patches is usually the color of coffee. The udder and tears of kamori goat are developed like a fairy. People can distinguish kamori goat from other goats by their colorful appearance and large structure body.

Kamori Goat Breed

Kamori goat is the pure breed goat which can be easily found in Sindh province of Pakistan. Kamori goat is well known for it's milk production and meat production. People like to do business with these goats. This breed is pure and have become rare now a days. So these goats become expensive. Kamori goat is further bred with many other goat breeds to lower the prices and to get the characteristics of kamori goat in the next generation. Usually patairee goat breed is bred with kamori goat breed to obtain a next generation of kamori goat.

Kamori Goat price

Kamori goats has become rare now a days and the prices have become higher. The price range of kamori in Sindh is 30 thousand to 80 thousand rupees. But the. Hybrid of kamori is not that much expensive. The prices may vary according to color of goat, availability and location. 

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