Montbéliarde Cattle Milk, Facts, Price | Montbeliarde vs Fleckvieh

Montbeliarde cattle are from the region of France named Montbeliard. Bernoise cattle were the ancestors of this breed but now, these cattle have their own different breed. In 1872, during the Langres agricultural competition, a man named Joseph Graber, named these cattle as Montbeliarde. The history of this breed is complicated. Montbeliarde cattle were first officially accepted as a breed in 1889. In 1970, another breed named Red Holstein cattle was bred with Montbeliarde cattle and then these are bred with Fleckvieh bulls. The 2nd cross was not much successful. This breed is bred with many other breeds to obtain variety.

Montbeliarde Cattle Milk Production

Montbeliarde cattle are the dual purpose cattle breed. The main benefit of this breed is milk production. People use their milk for the production of various dairy products. Primarily their milk is used for the chees making. The milk production is not comparative to the milk production of Holstein cattle breed, but still beneficial. The cows can produce milk per lactation and the average amount of milk produced per lactation is 7486 liters. The protein content in their milk is about 3.45 percent and the butterfat content is about 3.9 percent. These are great for cheese making.

Montbéliarde Cattle Milk, Facts, Price  Montbeliarde vs Fleckvieh

Montbeliarde Cattle Facts

The Montbeliarde cattle are mostly compared to the Holstein cattle breed because of the similarities. The color of these cattle is red and white which resembles a lot with Holstein cattle. The body color is mostly red and the white colored head is common. The size of horns is small. Montbeliarde cattle are large to medium sized cattle. The shape of their horns is lyre-shaped. The height of these cattle cow is 135 to 140 cm and cattle bull is 148 cm. average body weights of bulls may vary from 900 to 1200 kg, whereas the average weight of cow lies in between 600 to 700 kg.

Montbeliarde Cattle Price

The price of Montbeliarde cattle may vary according to the variety within this breed. Montbeliarde cattle are bred with multiple other breeds and the prices differ accordingly. Mostly Montbeliarde cattle are sold at the age of 8 to 10 weeks and the average price of these calves is 265 pounds. After breeding Montbeliarde cattle with British blue cattle breed, the prices become high i.e. around 430 pounds. The prices may also vary according to the size of cattle. Some people sell their cattle according to their weight.

Montbeliarde Cattle V/S Fleckvieh

Montbeliarde cattle are the descendants of Bernoise cattle whereas Fleckvieh cattle are the mix of local stock and Simmental cattle. Both of the breeds are very good milk and meat producers. Comparing their weight, Fleckvieh cattle weigh heavier than Montbeliarde cattle. The size may also vary. The color of these two cattle breeds resemble a lot. Fleckvieh cattle may produce large amount of milk as compare to Montbeliarde cattle. The average production of milk from Fleckvieh cattle is 6000 to 9000 kg per lactation whereas the production of milk from Montbeliarde cattle is less i.e. around 7000 kg per lactation.

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