Nachi Goat History, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Nachi goat is a goat breed which is mainly found in Pakistan. The areas where these goats can be found easily are Layyah district of the province of Punjab, Bahawalpur and Multan Muzaffargarh. Nachi goats are named as “Nachi” because these goats have some dancing gait. Nachi is a Punjabi word which means having some dancing gait. These goats are mainly black in color and have some white spots on their body. These goats are easily available all over the Pakistan so the prices of these goats are also reasonable. These goats are hairy and have long length fur on their body.

Nachi Goat History

Nachi goats are cute small sized goats with dancing gait. These goats have Pakistani origin. Nachi goat breed has some unique genetic resource and this breed is unique not only in Pakistan but all over the goat world. Their dancing gait is due to the inherited genetics. Nachi goats have different fighting behavior. These goats have very less flexibility. The shoulders of these goats are not too much wide and flexible. The space in the joint of shoulder is very minor that these goats could not move freely. There are many further strains of this breed.

Nachi Goat History, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Nachi Goat Weight

The weight of male and female Nachi goat varies. The weight of female goat is usually less than the male goat. The weight of male Nachi goat is 33 kg whereas the weight of female Nachi goat is 28 kg. The weight of female goat may vary during pregnancy.

Nachi Goat Size

Nachi goat size is small to medium. There is a minor difference in the weight of male and female Nachi gat. The average weight of male Nachi goat is usually more than the average weight of female
Nachi goat.

Nachi Goat Milk Production

Nachi goats are well known for milk and meat production. The average production milk is 110 liter per lactation. The lactation time period includes 100 days. On this quantity of milk production, people can run a business. In Pakistan, mostly people use this breed for commercial use. The main benefit of this breed, other than milk production, is hair yield. These goats can yield up to 600 grams of hair per head. This calculation is based on annual basis. Nachi goat is also known for meat production. The main advantage of this breed is hair yield but milk and meat production is average.

Nachi Goat Characteristics

Nachi goat breed is a small to medium sized goat which is well known for hair production. These goats are usually black in color and white color patches are found on some of the goats. These goats have both short and long hair on their body. Some of the strains of Nachi goat have short hair but some have long hair. These goats have horns on their head and have medium sized ears. These goats have compact body. The shoulders joint is too high which plays an important part in their dancing gait.

Nachi Goat Breed

Nacho goat breed is commonly found in many regions of Punjab Pakistan. The main areas where these goats are available are Layyah, Multan, Muzaffargarh and many other regions of Punjab. This breed is raised for many purposes like hair yield, meat and milk production. People like to see them dancing. There is a competition set for these goats to see their dancing gait. This breed can give birth to twins at a time and the milk production increases accordingly. This breed is cute little breed with cute looks. These goats are appealing by looks and by personality.

Nachi Goat Price

The prices of Nachi goat are comparatively high because of their dancing gait. The average price range of these goats is 20 thousand to 50 thousand. These goats are easily available on OLX official site. Pregnant goats are comparatively expensive. The prices may also vary according to the location and availability.

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