Pyrenean Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Pyrenean goat is a breed which is raised in the mountains of Pyrenees. This breed is named after their region of origin. Pyrenean goat breed is an indigenous breed. These goats usually have long thick black colored fur. Pyrenean goats are usually known for their milk production. Their milk is Rich in minerals and vitamins. This useful milk can be used against pulmonary diseases. People tried to shift these goats from Bearn to the Paris, so that they can sell the milk of pyrenean goats directly to the consumers. After a great effort, in 1900, the milking of these goats started in the consumer's house.

Pyrenean Goat Milk Production

The milk of pyrenean goat breed is used for multiple purposes. It is a healthy way of taking vitamins and minerals along with cure to pulmonary diseases. The milk of these goats can be used to prepare cheese and butter which is Rich in minerals. People who have pyrenean goats, use them for commercial use. They sell their milk to get benefits along with profit. The average production of milk is 315 kg per lactation I.e. 228 days. The protein content is 30.4g per kg and the fat content is 38.5g per kg.

Pyrenean Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Pyrenean Goat Weight

The weight of male pyrenean goat vary slightly from female pyrenean goat. The average weight of male pyrenean goat is 130 to 150 kg and the female is slightly less but remains in the above mentioned range. The goats have the weight of their rich meat.

Pyrenean Goat Size

Pyrenean goats are large sized breed. The size of pyrenean goat breed is usually 5 feet long. This height make them almost equal to a man. These goats are almost 30 inches longer from shoulder. Their large size make it difficult to handle.

Pyrenean Goat Facts

These goats have long thick fur coat on their body. The color of their fur is usually black. Pyrenean goat has a lot of further breeds found in different regions. These goats have arched horns which are very thick from the base. These goats have drooping eyes and have white colored streaks on their body. This breed is perfectly adjusted in the mountain region. This breed has large strong goats. These goats are also used to protect the boundaries because of their physical strength. The further breeds of pyrenean goat are also large goats with physical strength.

Pyrenean Goat Breed

Pyrenean goat breed is well known for milk production. The overall pyrenean goat breed is further bred with other breeds to produce further strains of this breed. These strains belong to different regions. The most common strain of pyrenean goat is found in Bearn and the name of this strain is Laurette. This strain is mostly known for its large size. This breed is used for commercial purpose and people sell their milk to do a business. These goats are also meat goats. Their meat is also full of nutrition and healthy for children as well as adults.

Pyrenean Goat Price

Pyrenean goat has a lot of benefits and these benefits can effect the price of this breed. The price range differs for every strain of this breed. The exact price is not known. Mostly people do trade with this breed and earn a lot of money.

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