Salers Cattle Pros and Cons, History, Characteristics, Price

Saler cattle are the French cattle breed which is officially pronounced as “sa-lair”. This is an ancestral breed and the images of this breed can be found in the paintings of ancient rulers almost 10,000 years ago. The roots of this breed are in the central massif which is located in the Auvergne region of France. In this region there is another breed which is commonly found named Aubrac breed. Saler cattle are usually large sized and weigh good. These cattle are used for multiple purposes including milk and meat production. These cattle are mainly used as domestic cattle.

Saler Cattle Pros

Saler cattle are very beneficial as these are used for multiple purposes. These cattle are triple purpose cattle. Primarily these are used for the production of meat and then used for milk and draught production. These cattle are very well adapted to the environment of France. These cattle have high tolerance power. The main benefit of this reed is the change of coat thickness on their body according to the climate changes. The calving process of this breed is easy as compare to other cattle breeds. Because of their large sized pelvis, the birth process becomes easier.

Salers Cattle Pros and Cons, History, Characteristics, Price

Saler Cattle Con

Saler cattle have a lot of benefits and have almost no drawbacks. These cattle are very good calvers. At the age of two years, Saler cattle become fully mature and can mate with their partner. The calving process starts at the age of 2 years. This process is so fast and the population of this breed is growing on a very fast rate. These cattle can give birth to their young ones throughout their life. The gestation period of Saler cattle is very short. This is the only drawback considered about this cattle breed.

Saler Cattle History

Saler cattle are an ancient cattle breed which can be easily found in the pictures of almost 10,000 years ago. These cattle originated from the south central region of France. The paintings at Lascaux named Paleolithic cave paintings, shows the presence of this breed almost 17,000 years back. These cattle resemble a lot to an African breed and old Celtic breed. Most probably these cattle are found in the Massif Central region where red cattle were migrated. This breed has unique background and history. Saler breed is considered to be the purest breed in Europe and the oldest one.

Saler Cattle Characteristics

These cattle have thick coat on their body which has thick hair on it. These hairs have curly texture. These cattle are the color of these cattle may vary from black to deep red. The black color of their skin and mucous helps them to protect from sun damage and other problems. These are large sized cattle and cows have weight of almost 750 kg whereas bulls weigh almost 1100 kg. These cattle have horns on their head naturally. Some strains of this breed are polled so Saler cattle breed is considered both horned and polled.

Saler Cattle Price

The price of this breed varies according to the weight. Because people sale these cattle at the rate of
2.48 pounds per kg. So, the total weight of Saler cattle is multiplied with this value and average amount is calculated. Prices may also vary according to the availability. Cows are usually expensive than bulls.

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