Sirohi Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Sirohi is a goat breed which is found mainly in Rajasthan. The district of Rajasthan i.e. Sirohi has these goats mainly. So the goat is named after its place i.e. Sirohi. The other names of this goat is Ajmeri, Japipur and Bhilwara. Usually these goats are raised in a commercial farm where they graze openly in never ending farms. Some times people has to move their flocks of goats to somewhere else for the food and water. A single flock may contain about 10 to 200 Sirohi goats. This goat is known as meat goat breed in India.

Sirohi Goat Images

Sirohi Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Sirohi Goat Milk Production

Sirohi goat is mainly known for its meat production rather than milk production. These goats are healthy and have a thick fat layer. Their weight is more than sufficient. They have the capacity to give birth to twins. There are 90 percent chances of single kid and only 10 percent chances of twins. So the milk production depends on this. In case of twins, the milk production remains for 90 days. These goats can produce 0.75 to 1 kg per day. This milk is sufficient to do business as well as feed the new borns.

Sirohi Goat Weight

The weight of Sirohi goat differs in bucks and does. The bucks usually have more weight than does. An adult buck weigh up to 50 kg whereas an adult does weigh up to 30 kg. As the size grows from 3 months to 9 months, these goats gain weight.

Sirohi Goat Characteristics

Sirohi goat is a medium sized goat mainly found in Sirohi district of Rajasthan, India. These goats have brown colored base coat and have light brown or dark brown patches on the coat. Sometimes, the color of coat is completely white. The thickness of coat is dense and coarse in texture. The ears of sirohi goat are flat and large sized. Their ears are much like leaf which falls downward. Both of the genders of sirohi goat has small sized horns which are twisted backwards or upward. The tail is also curved upward and is small in size.

Sirohi Goat Breed

Sirohi goat breed is a well known breed for its meat. These goats have many other names like
Devgarhi, Ajmeri and Parbatsar. These goats are of great help in doing business. Their meat and milk can be sold on higher prices to people. This breed of goat is well distributed all over the India. This breed needs proper care and feed for good health. So people have to move them to different places for their grazing. There are almost 10 to 200 sirohi goats in a single flock. This breed is the highly demanded breed in India.

Sirohi Goat Price

Sirohi goat has the highest demand in India. These goats are sold according to their weight. The average price rate of sirohi goat is Rs 250 per kg. So if people buy a goat of 50 kg, then the price will be Rs 12,500.

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