Valais Blackneck Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Valais blackneck is a goat breed which has neck of black color. This characteristic is the reason behind their name. These goats are abundantly found in valais region of southern Switzerland. Valais blackneck is a domestic breed. These are also found in the areas of northern italy. Valais blackneck have many names I.e. in Germany these goats are known as Wallisee Schwarzhalsziege or Gletschergeiss. In French language, there names are Race de Viege, col noir du valais or chevre Des glaciers. The origin of these goats is different i.e. Australia, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. This breed is of great use for milk and meat production.

Valais Blackneck Images

Valais Blackneck Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Valais Blackneck Milk Production

Valais blackneck can be used for multiple purposes i.e. for milk, meat and for breeding purpose. These goats are good at breeding and producing new kids. The pregnancy of valais blackneck may last up to 150 days and then they deliver the newborn. These goats are also good in meat production. Their body weight is good and can produce meat up to the satisfaction level. Other than meat and breeding, this breed can produce milk up to satisfactory level. The average milk production of valais blackneck is 500 kg per session.

Valais Blackneck Weight

There is a slight change in the weight of both the genders. The average weight of male valais blackneck is 75 kg. A female valais blackneck weight less than the buck. The average weight of does is 55 kg. This weight range may vary in different goats of this breed.

Valais Blackneck Size

The size of valais blackneck is neighther too big nor too small. These goats are medium in size. The average height of this breed is within the range of 75 cm to 85 cm. This is the minor difference in both the breeds genders.

Valais Blackneck Facts

Valais blackneck goat breed is a distinctive breed which has defined two colors I.e. black and white. The black color originated from the nose and extend up to behind the shoulders. Where black color ends, the white color originates and extends up to the tail. Valais blackneck is considered to be derived from another breed named Bagot breed. These goats have horns which are long and turn backwards.

Valais Blackneck Breed

The valais blackneck is commonly available in the Switzerland. Other countries also have this breed. This breed is a domestic breed. Valais blackneck is well known for milk, meat and breeding. The color of neck is different from the other whole body. This is the reason these goats are called blackneck. This breed has long thick hair on their skin. Their wool is the best for protection against cold temperature. This breed has many other names according to the area. The breed of valais blackneck is highly demanded breed. The goats are active and can tolerate cold temperature.

Valais Blackneck PriceĀ 

The price of this breed is high because of the multiple advantages of this breed. The prices may vary according to the demand and areas. These goats are available mainly in Switzerland, so the prices are in dollars. The exact price range is not known because of the availability in different areas.

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