Verata Goat Meat, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Verata goat is a domestic breed. These goats are used for dual purpose. The origin of this breed is Vera, Caceres, Spain. This breed is mainly used for commercial purposes. These are small sized goats. Verata goats are named after their native land. These goats are mainly used for milk production and beneficial cheese is made from their milk. These goats are easy to adapt and people can take care of them easily. These goats are very good at adapting new environment. A long area grazing land should be used for their grazing. These goats perform very well in the stable environments.

Verata Goat Meat

Verata goat is well known for milk and meat. The meat of these goats is very beneficial and used for many purposes. Their meat is very is full of nutrition. The breeding rate of Verata does is very fast and these goats can produce up to 3 kids in 2 years. The kids of Verata goat breed are slaughtered at very early stage of life for the meat. These goats have strong feet with healthy weight. The 80 percent weight of these goats is of their meat. These goats can help to do a business.

Verata Goat Meat, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Verata Goat Milk

Verata goat is known for its milk production but it produces an average amount of milk. The Verata goats are small in size but breed more than once in a year. These goats produce milk which is full of benefits and vitamins. People can run a business with their milk. Their milk is used for the production of cheese and other dairy products. The average production of milk is 150 liters per lactation. And the lactation period last for about 175 days. These goats usually breed in October and November and then they breed in spring.

Verata Goat Weight

There is a minor difference in the weight of Verata buck and Verata does. The average weight of Verata buck is 70 kg and the average weight of Verata goat is usually less than buck. The weight of Verata may vary during pregnancy.

Verata Goat Size

Verata goat breed is a small size breed which can be easily handled. The size is not very much small but falls in between small and medium size. These goats are easy to handle and also easy to keep at home. These goats may grow up to 70 cm in height.

Verata Goat Breed

Verata goat breed is a Spanish breed. This breed is used for dual purpose i.e. milk and meat. These goats have the ability to adjust in every kind of environment. Verata breed is commonly found in Vera, Caceres and Spain. This breed is named after its area of origin i.e. Verata. This is a traditional goat breed. In Spain, there is a population of total 17,000 Verata goats. This breed can survive on low quality feed as well. This breed can easily survive in stable environment. in fact stable environment is best suited for this breed.

Verata Goat Facts

Verata goat breed has the following facts:

  • These goats are usually black and grey in color. 
  • They have short but glossy hair on their body. 
  • This breed has small to medium sized goats. 
  • The horns of this goat are twisted backwards and outwards. 
  • The does is usually smaller than the buck. 
  • The tail of Verata goat is erect and small in size. 
  • The Verata does also have beard. Almost 40 percent of does have beard on their chin. 
  • Normally the legs of Verata breed are small in size.
  • The hooves of these goats are mostly dark in color and hard in texture. 

Verata Goat Breed Price

Verata goat breed is easily available now in all over the world. But still the Spain has the greatest population of this breed. The prices of this breed may vary according to the location and availability of the goats. The exact price range is not known.

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