Kadaknath Chicken Eggs, Benefits, Facts, Price

Karaknath chicken is an indian breed which is of black color. The other name of this breed is Kali masi. This breed is originated from Jhabua, chhattisgarh. The colors if this breed varies among them. There are three main types of chicken within this breed, having different color. The available colors of thus breed are black, golden and pencilled. The fat content in the flesh of karaknath chicken is far low than the other regular chicken breeds. There is a geographical region tag on the meat of this chicken breed. The taste if their meat is very good. These chicken can easily adapt any kind of environment.

Karaknath Chicken Benefits

Karaknath chicken have a lot of benefits like low cholestrol and low fat chicken meat. Overall their meat improves the health of people. Their meat increases the heamoglobin level and also increase blood cells. Their meat can also help to treat pulmonary problems. Their metablic process is very fast that they convert their feed in to meat. Their. Eggs are equally beneficial. The color of their eggs is black and can treat multiple human diseases. The main diseases which can be cured with karaknath chicken eggs are asthma, headaches, nephritis and post delivery problems.

Kadaknath Chicken Eggs, Benefits, Facts, Price

Karaknath Chicken Facts

Karaknath chicken is not very common breed. The color of this breed is mostly black and the color of their eggs is also black. The pure black color of their body makes them different from other breeds. The nutritional benefits of this breed are considered by everyone. The black color of this breed is due to excessive production of melanin. There is a large amount of melanocytes which are producing melanin pigment. Their black color protect them from various diseases. Their meat have less fat content than other reported chicken breeds.

Karaknath Chicken Price

Karaknath chicken is not a common breed and is not available easily everywhere in india. The price of this breed is also high accordingly. Their meat is very beneficial and have low cholesterol which also makes them expensive than other breeds. The protein content of these chicken meat is high. The average rate at which karaknath chicken is sold is 15 US dollars per kg, whereas standard chicken is sold at the rate of 3.80 US dollar per kg. According to the above mentioned rate of chicken, not everyone can afford it and get benefits out of it.

Karaknath Chicken Eggs Production

Karaknath chicken produces eggs which are also of black color. This black color makes th attractive. Their eggs have protein content more than normal. These eggs are too much beneficial for treating multiple health problems. The average production of these eggs is 80 to 120 eggs per year and per bird. This egg production rate is very less than the other standard chicken breeds. People who keep karaknath chicken, hatch their eggs to increase their number. The meat of karaknath chicken is more beneficial than eggs. The protein content in eggs is almost 25 percent which is far more than other chicken breeds.

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