Beefmaster Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

IN 1930, beef master breed was first bred and developed but in 1954, this breed was officially recognized. USA is the origin of this breed. It is a multi-purpose breed but primarily used as a beef cattle breed. These cattle are also known for their dairy production. Beef master cattle breed is one of the young breeds so the ancestry is easy to know. This cattle breed is the mixture of three main breeds i.e. Brahman cattle breed, Shorthorn cattle breed and Hereford cattle breed. The commonly available ratio in these breed is 50% Brahman cattle, 25% Hereford and 25% Shorthorn breed.

Beef Master Cattle Pros

Beef master breed is a well-known breed for its meat all over the USA. This is considered the fourth largest breed producing beef in the country. Their meat is transported to various regions including Brazil and South America. These cattle have very good heat tolerance. Even in extreme dry season, these cattle can survive. These cattle are intelligent and docile by nature. the beef master bulls have strong libido these cattle pass on their best genetic traits to their young ones. These cattle can easily produce a calf per year.

Beefmaster Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Beef Master Cattle Cons

Beef master breed is also known as “The profit breed” because of its advantages and no or little disadvantages. These cattle produce almost 1 calf per year, so their calving rat is slow. These cattle are very good at gaining weight and used as beef cattle breed but the disadvantage is still there. The calves are produced at a low rate and the population does not increase easily. The health problems are also rare in this breed. These cattle are not much aggressive but still people have to follow some precautionary measures while visiting them.

Beef Master Cattle Facts

Beef master cattle are multi-purpose breed and mainly used for beef production. Dairy production comes at 2nd number and draught work at number 3rd. these cattle are usually available in red color and have variations in their coat color. These cattle may have red coat color with white colored speckles around the face. The average weigh of beef master bulls is about 1200 kg and average weight of beef master cows is about 800 kg. The average weight of a new born calf is about 35 kg. This breed is one of the best beef supplying bred in USA.

Beef Master Cattle Price

Beef master cattle are on high demand because of the special beef production all over USA. These cattle are also exported all over the world so their prices may vary according to the location, weight, age and characteristic of these cattle. According to a National beef master sale event, the highest price of this cattle recorded was R 1, 10,000. The average price of beef master bulls was recorded as R 46,195. A pregnant cow was sold at the price of R 25,000. The average price of cows sold with calves was R 17,500.

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