Booted Bantam Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Lifespan, Price

Booted bantam breed is one of the oldest chicken breed which has become rare now days. Its name is decided according to its long length feathers which covers their feet as well as hock joints. The other name of this breed is vulture hocks and is called sable in Dutch. In Dutch, these are exactly known as sablepoot. These are small sized chicken which consist of males mainly. The average weight of booted bantam rooster is 30 ounces whereas the average weight of booted bantam hen is 27 ounces. This should be the maximum size of this breed.

Booted Bantam Egg Production

Booted bantam chicken are very good at laying eggs. The average production of this breed is really very good that people use them for commercial purposes. The size of this breed is small, so these cannot be used for the meat production. The average amount of eggs laid by these hens is 150 to 180 per year. Some of them may exceed this limit. Booted bantam hens lay eggs on constant basis. They do not stop throughout the year and lay eggs. These hens start laying eggs at the age of 22 weeks.

Booted Bantam Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Lifespan, Price

Booted Bantam Facts

These booted bantam chickens are sensitive towards extreme heat and extreme cold environment. These chickens are also susceptible to Marek’s disease. These chickens do not require attention all the time. These are not too much noisy and remain calm. The flying ability of these chickens is very good. Their personality is nice, tamed and sweet. These chickens are intelligent too. Booted bantam chicken can accept every kind of environment. These chickens are very good egg lying birds. These chickens are shy and try to hide themselves from other breeds. Irrespective of their size, these chickens are of great use.

Booted Bantam Chicken Life Expectancy

The booted bantam chicken is the pure bird breed which is not designed. Now days their availability is rare and their demand is high. The life span of these chickens is maximum 10 years. After 10 years of age, these chickens may die with or without any health issue. These chickens are sensitive towards the extreme environment. So these may die even before their life span ends. Booted bantam chicken are also sensitive towards Marek’s disease. So these may die of this disease too. These chickens serve people throughout their life with eggs.

Booted Bantam Chicken Price

Booted bantam chickens are not available now easily. This chicken breed has become rare now. Their prices are usually high because of the rarity of this breed and the commercial use of their eggs. People, who do business with these booted bantam chickens, buy them in stock. The bantam chicks are not much expensive and can be bought within the range of PKR 500. The price of an adult booted bantam chicken may vary between PKR 1000 to PKR 2000. There is a vast variety of bantam breed, so the prices of these strains also vary.

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